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February 10, 2006
In his State of the Union address last week, President Bush took a bold step by admitting that America is addicted to oil. Although such an announcement is by no means surprising, we should applaud our national leader for his willingness to acknowledge an ever-increasing problem in America. Honesty, after all, is the first step »

Repealing Roe would open Pandora’s Box

January 9, 2006
Now is the time to stop joking about Roe. Since the nomination of Chief Justice John Roberts last summer, a number of political commentators have suggested that the Democratic Party should do the unthinkable and abandon its support of the 1973 decision that upheld a woman’s right to choose. By allowing the Court to overturn »

No matter Schiavo stance, protect federalism

March 25, 2005
For just a moment, forget the details of the Schiavo case. Take the names, the medical jargon, the ethical dilemmas and place them on the back burner. For just a moment, take a deep breath and think about what happened this last weekend on Capitol Hill. Congress convened a special assembly to tell Florida’s judiciary »

Nuclear waste may blow vote for Bush

September 2, 2004
In November, the road to the White House may go through Nevada. Up U.S. Highway 95 and beyond the town of Indian Springs lays a latent political hotbed: Yucca Mountain. Sitting 100 miles northwest of “Sin City,” Yucca Mountain is the planned location of a federal nuclear waste repository and could prove to be the »

Court recusal review is not a better option

March 29, 2004
At a time in national politics when donkeys and elephants traditionally take center stage, a new animal has emerged and stolen the spotlight: the duck. Recently, a controversy has erupted over Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s January 2003 duck-hunting trip with the Vice President Dick Cheney, a litigant in the pending Supreme Court case Richard »

U.S. must use own nuclear rules

February 26, 2004
Less than two weeks ago, President Bush announced a new strategy aimed at eliminating nuclear proliferation worldwide. The strategy calls for international cooperation to eliminate the exchange of fissile material and weapons technology among nations. In principle, the president’s new initiative is a positive step towards eventual multilateral disarmament, but in practice, it can only »

S. Carolina is most important 2004 primary

January 28, 2004
It’s that time of year again — caucus and primary season. Americans everywhere are shifting their attention away from the politics of Gubernator Ah-nold, and onto two states that have a combined population roughly a fifth that of the New York City area. Every four years, Iowa and New Hampshire emerge from an abyss of »

Libya, Iran should not validate Bush doctrine

January 14, 2004
Hardliners are tooting the horn of the Bush Doctrine louder than ever: recently Libya has agreed to end its weapons programs and Iran has welcomed inspectors into its borders. At first glance, it seems as if Bush’s 2002 National Security Strategy outlining the doctrine of pre-emptive strikes is exactly the iron fist that the globe »

Democrats’ filibustering is not egregious

December 5, 2003
In early November, Republicans held an all-night Senate session meant to protest the hold-up of several Bush judicial nominees by Democrats. Yet instead of providing major breakthroughs in the confirmation process, Republicans conducted a 40-hour yap-fest that had the most avid C-Span fans admitting boredom. The session was replete with carping and devoid of substantive »

Missile Defense System misguided

November 12, 2003
With the recent $823 million Boeing Co. Missile Defense System contract and Congressional approval of $9.1 billion for missile defense in the fiscal year 2004 budget, it appears that the construction of a National Missile Defense (NMD) system in the United States is now just a matter of time. With a Pentagon-projected price tag of »