Marks: Where are the grass-fed burgers?

April 24, 2009
Those who know me know I am passionate about my Yale Sustainable Food Project grass-fed burgers. I did not take their disappearance from the dining halls this semester lightly. What used to be a weekly tradition has now been relegated to a semi-semesterly treat. This has led to a major gap in my weekly schedule: »

Marks: Don’t work on administration’s schedule

March 27, 2009
I’m not surprised. The Yale administration, while well intentioned, works on a different timeline than we students do. Our four years spent at Yale as undergraduates go by in a flash. When we say we want a change, we need that change to happen immediately for us to see its benefits. Administrators, however, must view »

Marks: Change Credit/D policy

February 26, 2009
Yale College policy dictates that students who submit course schedules late will not be permitted to take classes Credit/D/Fail for the current semester. I learned this policy the hard way. The late schedule policy is one of the most stringent policies I have encountered at Yale, with virtually no avenue of recourse once the clock »

YCC to Yale Corp: Objections? Anyone?

The prisoner’s dilemma, sunk cost, groupthink — three academic principles that almost all Yalies will learn before they graduate. Taught in most introductory Economics and Psychology courses, these principles are supposed to provide insight into how we can make successful decisions in the “real world.” Yet in the year since University President Richard Levin announced »

YSFP to reveal nutrition facts

October 18, 2006
Yalies who assume that the sustainable food they consume in the dining halls is better for them than the standard fare may be in for a rude awakening later this month. Starting next week, the Yale Sustainable Food Project will display nutritional information for sustainable menu items on the name placards placed above food in »