LEVINE: Brown’s divestment blunder

October 31, 2013
We might not feel all the social harms of coal right now. But we must still include them in our moral calculus because our decisions today are locking us into a catastrophic future.

LEVINE: A more intellectual Yale

September 21, 2012
We’ve been seduced: by a 6.8 percent acceptance rate, by the extracurricular bazaar and by the career fair. Most of all, we’ve been seduced by Tony Blair and Stanley McChrystal. We’ve been convinced, whether we ever think of ourselves in these terms or not, that we are, to use a phrase once employed to describe »

LEVINE: Ignorance threatens democracy

January 13, 2012
On January 1, the Hungarian Parliament ratified a new constitution, one that brings the country the nearest it’s been to authoritarian rule since the era of Communism. The document was drafted exactly once. As a member of the ruling Fidesz Party boasted, it was written on an iPad. A mere two weeks earlier, as Prime »