Goodlander and Leitner: The value of giving

February 17, 2009 • 1
In aiming to maximize profits for current stakeholders, financial institutions rise and fall; universities, however, explicitly balance the needs of their current constituencies with those of future generations. Yale’s endowment generates returns to support the mission of the University — the uninhibited pursuit of knowledge — for the students, faculty and staff of today and »

Leitner: Off campus, unprotected

November 18, 2008 • 0
Thinking about moving off campus? Consider your options carefully. I live in Orleton Court, a building owned by Yale but operated and managed by Elm Campus Partners. After living on campus for three years I was excited for the chance to move into my own space across the street from Pierson. While living on the »

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January 30, 2006 • 0
Neoconservative David Horowitz has uncovered a profound and apparently disastrous situation at campuses across the nation — the majority of American higher education facilities have liberal tendencies, and even more frightening, the majority of professors are Democrats. Horowitz has proposed the Academic Bill of Rights to solve the “problem.” The bill seeks to create a »

The surprisingly approachable Yale prof

November 1, 2005 • 2350
A strikingly clear memory from high school still plays through my mind every so often — no matter how I try and suppress it. A security guard in the office had requested I fetch a student from another classroom to have him move his car. I waited at the door of Ms. Beck’s AP Spanish »