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February 7, 2006 • 0
We all know how bad stereotypes can be. They are used by the sort of people who feel the need to malign those of a certain race, sex, class, etc. But do we have to ditch the idea of stereotypes altogether? Can’t they be used in ways that are both fun for the user and »

For sake of LSAT, pause construction

September 29, 2005 • 0
“And most important, get a good night’s sleep. How you approach the days leading up to the test really does matter!” So write the folks at Kaplan. This is not a shocking new discovery by a group of sleep specialists. One surely doesn’t need to quote an LSAT prep book or any other source to »

Both sides off track on same-sex marriage

February 2, 2004 • 0
Last week I witnessed a spectacle that’s sadly all too common today: a battle between the left and the right — two extremes, equally polarized and equally out of touch with mainstream political thought and, it seems, rational thinking. The debate I witnessed wasn’t on CNN, and it didn’t feature the political pundits who thrive »