HBC board will look for alternatives to bikes

September 25, 2007
The Habitat Bicycle Challenge originated from one Yale student’s desire to make change in the world by hosting more than just a bake sale. In 1994, Antony Brydon and seven of his friends saddled up and biked across the country, raising enough money to build one house for a deserving New Haven family. Fourteen years »

Activists’ work goes beyond divestment

March 27, 2006
I would like to thank Matthew Gillum for his op-ed last Friday (“Divestment remains unproven solution,” 3/24). His piece brought attention to the genocide in Darfur, Sudan, a humanitarian crisis that is recognized pitifully little in the media. The content of his op-ed, however, did not accurately describe the Sudan divestment movement. Nor is it »

Yale corp. must reject genocide

November 10, 2005
It is lamentable that the issue of genocide in Sudan has remained mostly absent from our newspapers and television screens. The issue, however, deserves our attention and calls us to consider our relationship to it. As distant as Sudan’s Darfur region may seem to us, the tangled web of international investment may actually tie us »