The six-man street-cleaning team sweeps by summer and plows snow by winter.

The rules of the sweep

September 13, 2010
The hot summer months did not mean vacation for the city’s snowplow team. Instead, they took to the streets with a different task: sweeping. “I think I caught a tan today, man,” joked street-sweeper Glen Lyles in June. Lyles is one of six men responsible for ensuring all the streets of New Haven are swept »
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Seeking out those others try to avoid

April 13, 2010
Rain fell gently on the windshield of Ron Dunhill’s van early Friday morning as he pulled up to the liquor store on Grand Avenue, known for buying back returned cans and bottles. Looking out the window, he spotted a familiar face: a tall man slowly pushed an empty green Shaw’s shopping cart, with a black »
Will Shortz, the editor of the New York Times crossword, officiated at Yale’s fourth annual crossword tournament in LC.

Shortz puzzles cruciverbalists

April 13, 2010
Setting aside conventional springtime flip-flops, Rachel Kurchin ’13 spent 30 minutes perched on the High Street fence Monday afternoon wearing clogs and socks printed with a crossword puzzle design. Unlike students enjoying the sun on Old Campus, Kurchin was there with a purpose: She was waiting for Will Shortz. Shortz, the crossword editor for the »
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Yale team racing to glory

March 31, 2010
When Henry Misas ’10 set out to help a Yale team build a race car during his sophomore year, he did not even know how to use a wrench. Now Misas is leading the Bulldogs Racing Team, 13 members strong, to build a race car that will be entered in an international formula hybrid competition »

Yalies, under the covers

February 8, 2010
Inside Yale’s Sex Scene It’s Monday morning. You are in a seminar with 20 classmates, half men, half women. In the past week, about six of them have had sexual intercourse. The same goes for oral sex. Half of them have made out with someone. All but one or two of the men have masturbated. »

Great Plains produce few Elis

January 19, 2010
After arriving at Yale from his hometown of Grand Island, Neb., Benjamin Robbins ’12 could find few reminders of home. But that changed when Robbins visited a friend’s dorm room, which she had decorated with magazine cutouts of John Deere tractors. “Wow, we’re going to be friends,” Robbins recalls thinking at the time. In the »

Getting there: Disabled students adjust

December 3, 2009
On the first day his “International Studies” section met this fall, Nick Cugini ’13 had no problem finding the classroom. He just needed to figure out how to get inside. It was not an issue of unfamiliar buildings or locked doors, but of accessibility. Due to cerebral palsy, Cugini uses a scooter to get around »