Extein, Gonzalez, Gordon, Moreno and Spencer: Internships worth saving

We’ll never forget our summer as Bulldogs in the Big Easy. We spent over two months working at challenging jobs, making new friends in a college dorm environment, and exploring the greatest American city we’d never seen before. And while most of us won’t be back in New Orleans next summer, we think you should »

Gonzalez: Speaking to power

October 6, 2010
Last spring I had what I can only call a “difficult encounter” with a police officer. I cannot describe the full situation, as it also involved other students, but the level of aggression by students in the encounter was nonexistent. Nevertheless, the police officer was threatening and verbally abusive. She was a Yale police officer, »

Gonzalez: Breaking with the tradition

September 30, 2010
I meander in and out of love with iconoclasm. As a freshman in Directed Studies, my first foray onto page two appeared as an argument for Diversified Studies, an extracurricular discussion group Rhiannon Bronstein ’11 and I had founded. We had wanted to expand our ideas of the Western Canon to questions of race, gender, »

Gonzalez: Why write

September 16, 2010
This week, I started to be afraid I would never write again. A few weeks ago, I was afraid that I would never write well enough again. The enough is important: “I want to write well enough to include this in my senior project.” “I want to write well enough to be able to improve »

Gonzalez: The call of Katrina

September 1, 2010
On Monday, Aug. 30, four friends and I went to to see the “The Big Uneasy,” a documentary that investigates levee failures in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. There were only six other people in Criterion’s small screening room, plus a theater employee who came to adjust the volume before ducking out. Before it started, »

Gonzalez: Better with friends

April 29, 2010
In the past few weeks, I fell for one of my friends. This wasn’t a serious infatuation, less than love but more than a crush. I could eat and breathe around him, but when I ran into him on Cross Campus, my smile was always too enthusiastic, my idle chatter about classes or the weather »
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Gonzalez: A little rebellion then and now

April 19, 2010
My natural tendency toward rebellion used to get me into trouble. I had a sense that rules were made to be stretched, that codes of conduct were negotiable and that most orders were really just unnecessary. Once, in high school, I was arrested for dancing on a school roof in the middle of the night »

Glück fuses poetry, teaching, style

April 13, 2010
Pulitzer Prize winner Louise Glück is one of the leading voices of American poetry. At Yale, she is both an artist and a teacher. Glück, whose recently published “A Village Life” was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, teaches “Introduction to Verse Writing” and “Advanced Verse Writing” at Yale. On Sunday morning, »

Gonzalez: No divine answers

April 5, 2010
When I was 11 or 12, my father asked me to promise that whomever I married would be a Christian. We had just come home from an Easter service in which the pastor referred to the Biblical characterization of the church as “the bride of Christ.” My father was very solemn, and my oath seemed »

Gonzalez: Boyfriends by other names

March 29, 2010
I am good at learning definitions. I enjoy words. I have written English papers that hinged on the analysis of an Oxford English Dictionary entry. I was in the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee when I was 14, preparing for which involved, among other things, reading the dictionary. At the Bee, I listened to hundreds »
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Gonzalez: Just say no, kindly

March 1, 2010
For over a week, one of my friends agonized about asking a cute guy in “Human Emotion” out on a date. She had noticed him at the beginning of the semester, but never spoke to him. Then he got a new haircut, which framed his ice-blue eyes instead of masking them, and she couldn’t resist »

Gonzalez: Being ‘That Girl’

February 15, 2010
My freshman year, like many people’s, included a lot of mistakes. “Freshman year,” our freshman counselors and academic advisers and deans and (some of our) parents tell us, “is the time to figure things out.” Try the ballroom dance team, policy think tank, club Frisbee and anything else that sounds appealing when you arrive at »