Walsh paints picture of ‘modern’ museums

March 4, 2004
Director emeritus of the J. Paul Getty Museum John Walsh wants to know how museums can avoid smothering modernity. Walsh, who is a visiting professor, addressed this issue Wednesday to a packed audience in a lecture titled “‘Either You’re a Museum or You’re Modern: Buildings for Recent Art.” The first part of the title refers »

Conway looks at environment’s role

February 27, 2004
“Turn on the cartoons on any random Saturday morning, and you see Captain Planet,” Kellyanne Conway, president and CEO of The Polling Company, said to an audience of students and professors in Sage Hall Thursday afternoon. What this means, she explained, is that environmental concerns have assimilated into American culture. Conway spoke as part of »

Stone shares comedy in tragedy

February 5, 2004
Noted theater critic and writer Laurie Stone told a joke she said she stole from funnyman Mel Brooks at a Pierson College Master’s Tea Wednesday. “Tragedy is when I have a hangnail,” she said, “and comedy is when you fall off a cliff and die.” A long time critic for the Village Voice and The »

Nobel winner Kahneman explains happiness

January 29, 2004
This past Wednesday, in front of a packed audience at Davies Auditorium, Princeton professor and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman posed a question that may cross many students’ minds as they brave this bitter Northeastern winter: are Californians really happier? Kahneman discussed this question and other topics related to human happiness throughout Wednesday’s lecture. During »