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January 23, 2006
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January 19, 2006
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GESO embroiled in NYU labor dispute

January 11, 2006
Of the dozen staffers in the New York University graduate student labor movement’s office last night, fully half were Yale students. They were members of the Graduate Employee and Student Organization, a conglomerate of Yale graduate students fighting for the right to unionize in New Haven. They are scheduling classes in meeting spaces across the »

Ashcroft ’64 kept views constant

December 7, 2005
It turns out that John Ashcroft ’64 has game. At least, that is what Stephen Pfeiffer, a second-year law student at Virginia’s Regent University, where Ashcroft currently teaches, said. Alongside Pfeiffer and his roommate, Ashcroft, who was teaching a Regent course in Strasbourg, France, recently trounced the opposition, 7-0, in a three-on-three pickup game. Though »

Workers cope with strain injuries

November 2, 2005
Identification card nestled between thumb and fingers, Terrie Little makes a dent in the line of students waiting for leftover turkey burgers in the Branford College dining hall. Card, swipe, beep, button, once per student — same faces, same time, same place and same motion. But Little’s swipes are accompanied by a wince these days, »

YSPN fills YTV’s sportscasting void

October 26, 2005
Neil Horowitz ’09 scrawls onto scratch paper as he stares down a still frame of two Eli soccer players, frozen in mid-kick against the background of the green field. He has already watched and rewound the latest women’s soccer game tape for about three hours, trying to pick out the most interesting clips, and he »

Bills may limit city projects

October 20, 2005
Spurred by the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allows governments to transfer property between private entities in the name of urban renewal, new statewide legislation may jeopardize New Haven’s power of eminent domain, a key component of the city’s economic and educational development program. Beginning next week, a special state legislative session will consider »

Beenie Man returns to Toad’s

October 13, 2005
Reggae artist Beenie Man, who has been criticized for his allegedly homophobic lyrics, returned to perform at Toad’s Place last night, one year after he was met by candle-wielding protesters — but this time Beenie Man did not have to wade through 35 Yalies to play his set. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Cooperative, »

Conn. communities dispute Kelo decision

October 6, 2005
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Public outcry following a recent Supreme Court ruling and a meeting today at the Connecticut General Assembly may result in a backlash that could curb New Haven’s power to take private property for public use. The Connecticut House Judiciary Committee will meet today »

Colleagues recall Wilson’s plays, style

October 5, 2005
August Wilson, an acclaimed playwright and frequent Yale Repertory Theater collaborator, died Sunday in Seattle at the age of 60, after a battle with liver cancer. Wilson, with the help of Lloyd Richards — the legendary Yale Rep director and first black leader of any major regional theater group in the nation — brought to »

With Aleixo’s arrival, Yale may gain visibility in Latin America

September 15, 2005
As part of an effort to increase Yale’s visibility in Latin America and continue promoting the University’s focus on internationalization, Joao Aleixo, the newest and third assistant secretary of international affairs, joined the staff at the Office of International Affairs earlier this week. Aleixo’s work will entail supporting faculty with their international activities, helping with »

Alum pulls a win in Cincinnati vote

September 14, 2005
Cincinnati mayoral candidate David Pepper ’93 LAW ’99 earned a spot for himself in the city’s Nov. 8 general election, winning the non-partisan primary election Tuesday by capturing 31 percent of about 42,000 votes cast. Pepper, a city councilman, and Mark Mallory, the state senator who finished second and trailed Pepper by only 215 votes, »