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Murphy: The art of Basic Drawing

November 20, 2008
When I came back to Yale this fall after having sat out spring 2008, I wanted variety in my class schedule. In my previous semester I had taken four English classes, which proved disastrous. Each course was worthwhile in isolation, but all together the sameness of the work was stultifying. I could barely finish the »

Murphy: End the double standard

November 11, 2008
What a contrast between last Tuesday and Election Night four years ago. Back then, the entire celebration consisted of two or three guys running around Old Campus shouting, “We won!!! We WON!!!!” The rest of us responded, as I recall, with silence. The flip side of our recent rejoicing is the near-hysterical fear among some »

Murphy: Fake Yale weekend

October 27, 2008
I just saw my fifth Parents’ Weekend. My parents stayed home, sensibly stopping at four. In their absence, I observed the holiday the way we used to — by doing an on-campus activity that would have never occurred to me otherwise. I went on a student-led tour of the Yale University Art Gallery. The tour »

Murphy: We’re still at war

October 20, 2008
At 9 a.m. on Election Day 2004, I was sitting in the basement of the Whitney Humanities Center, waiting for my Directed Studies literature section to begin, when a girl in the class entered wearing a red, white and blue hockey jersey, emblazoned with the words “Team Bush” and the number 43. I think of »

Too much talk about differences

October 9, 2008
Early Tuesday morning, someone spray-painted “White Guilt” on Dwight Hall. Yesterday the News reported that this same message was also graffitied on two nearby private schools. Dean Marichal Gentry told the News that he thinks the vandals are unlikely to be Yale students. I think he’s right, and I’m relieved. While I want to call »

Murphy: Professors vanish, but the problem won’t

September 22, 2008
The greatest TA I’ve ever had once told me he “did a victory dance” when his advisor got tenure. We were discussing English professors, and his happy relief reminded me of how my favorite teacher and one-time advisor went on leave in the middle of my junior year and never came back. He nodded in »

After perpetuating ambiguity, News must find truth

April 23, 2008
So: Aliza Shvarts ’08 doesn’t get to hang her senior project; Art Department lecturer Pia Lindman has been suspended and another Yale official disciplined; Chase Olivarius-McAllister ’09 wants Yale College Dean Salovey out; and Salovey himself has gone white as a sheet — he is appalled. Meantime, prefrosh tread nervously the campus greens these Bulldog »