Rift between pre- and post-Sept. 11 perspectives will decide election

April 5, 2004
There is a growing rift in our nation, and it’s not any sort of cultural war related to gay marriage, abortion, or obscenity on the airwaves. Rather, it is between those whose outlook on the world fundamentally changed on Sept. 11, and those who believe it was an unfortunate but isolated attack. Critics of this »

Civil liberties not endangered in State of Union

January 28, 2004
To argue that President Bush’s State of the Union threatened civil liberties (Molly Lewis “State of the Union threatened civil liberties,” 1/26) displays nothing but the baseless paranoia that has become increasingly fashionable on the extreme left. Lewis cites the Patriot Act as one of the most “offensive restrictions of civil liberties” promoted by President »

Shamelessly playing the race card

January 17, 2003
One can only hope that the nation applauds President Bush’s opposition to the University of Michigan’s affirmative action policies. Without question, universities should — and typically do — factor in a student’s life experiences in determining admission. But applying extra points to certain candidates solely because of their race is a thinly veiled form of »

Harvard’s new sex harassment policy: brilliance at last

September 17, 2002
As Harvard students begin classes this week, the school administration still plans on implementing a new sexual assault policy decided on this summer. The new policy mandates that a victim of any form of sexual assault — from unwanted touching to rape — produce corroborating evidence before the university will launch an investigation. This can »