Advice isn’t always paternalistic

January 16, 2007
December was a very bad month for me. This is not, I gather, an uncommon sentiment. Yale seems to operate at breakneck speed toward the end of the semester; my neck itself didn’t break, but it seemed, at the time, that my spirit did. I pushed myself to a state of exhaustion that hurt me »

Bad press may be to blame for drop in apps

November 28, 2006
543 is a lot of missing people. This number may not be immediately recognizable. Up until now, it has been put another way: 13 percent, generally followed by the word “decline.” Both statistics represent the change in early action applicants to Yale from the class of 2010 to that of 2011. The latter statistic, however, »

Campaign shows age divide in politics

November 7, 2006
Last weekend, over 100 Yale students left campus in a passionate, statewide effort to work on key congressional campaigns. In a huge push for the hotly contested 2nd, 4th and 5th districts, teams of (mostly Democratic) students spent their days going door-to-door for candidates, handing out campaign literature and eagerly discussing important issues — or »

Redefinition of campus necessitates change

October 24, 2006
“There are only two shifts here,” a cashier at Gourmet Heaven explained to me the other day, struggling to keep his eyes open as he rang up my wrap. “7 in the morning to 7 at night, and 7 at night to 7 in the morning.” The fact that Gourmet Heaven engages in such practices »

‘Closet cases’ can’t break out of stereotypes

October 11, 2006
Earlier this year, the University added “gender identity and expression” to its nondiscrimination policy. During last spring’s campaign to add the phrase, student advocates emphasized that while it was designed to protect transgendered students and employees from unfair treatment, the elastic nature of the phrase “gender expression” allowed protection for any student whose behavior refused »