Strike ends, new TV cravings begin

February 15, 2008
It’s true — I’m addicted to Desperate Housewives. I’ve never missed an episode; when I find myself in a moral dilemma, I ask, “What would Lynette do?” and in the quest for a husband, I keep my eyes peeled for a Tom. I own the “I’m a Susan” T-shirt, the cookbook with recipes from each »

Memorials are a positive force after tragedy

May 3, 2007
4/17/07. When students from Virginia Tech struggled to make sense of the horror that struck their campus last week, they erected a banner on their student center with the date of the massacre. It provided a reminder of a time and a place, a way to express a trauma through white lettering on black canvas. »

Rape satires have no place in newspapers

February 16, 2007
Apparently Connecticut taxpayers are now funding rape satires. No joke. John Petroski’s editorial, published Feb. 8 in The Reporter, Central Connecticut State University’s newspaper, tells readers that “rape is a magical experience that benefits society as a whole.” He goes on to enlighten his audience with the message that were it not for rape, ugly »

It’s time again for the Christmas depression

December 7, 2006
Let me establish this much: My Christmas depression — which encroaches shortly after Thanksgiving and recedes sometime between seven swans a-swimming and nine ladies dancing — is not about Santa Claus. Though at age 3 I did insist that reindeers pitter-pattered on the roof above my bedroom, by 6, I had taken my dad to »

Madonna’s Jesus act raises ruckus

November 14, 2006
The German government threatened to prosecute and imprison Madonna, while the Russian Orthodox Church, the Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church and the Evangelical League all denounced the crucifixion scene from her recent tour as distasteful. Italian Muslim and Jewish leaders agreed. Even the Dutch were appalled — one of their ministers phoned in »

Middle ground won’t always help you

October 26, 2006
Tell me, John Danforth, what would Jesus do? In a panel discussion about the relationship between religion and politics held on Wednesday in Battell Chapel, Episcopal priest and former Sen. John Danforth spoke of the ways in which political leaders have polarized the nation along religious lines, dividing us by our faith. He proposed the »

Fish provide interesting model for family

October 16, 2006
I am a 25-year-old single graduate student, which signifies two things: First, my debt exceeds my income — this is not particularly surprising, as I have no income to speak of — and second, my maternal instinct is so active that when I see an infant drooling, shrieking or, worst of all, smiling, that instinct »

At Yale, eclecticism rules religious scene

September 8, 2006
My closest friend from Yale is agnostic, bordering on atheist, so needless to say, we met in neither temple, church nor mosque. We made completely unmemorable introductions in Blakey Vermeule’s “Major English Poets” class during shopping period freshman year, but what I do remember is the moment when I realized Kerry would be a lasting »

After brush with stars, real life has more meaning

February 19, 2004
The red carpet’s vacuumed, new dresses designed, and that means that the Academy Award season encroaches upon the American public. As I watch preparations for Hollywood’s most glamorous night, I am reminded of my own run in with the stars just over a year ago and although I didn’t make the cut, neither did “Mona »