First place non-fiction: ‘The First Step’

Spain is a land of legends — giant legends. It is a place where stories, both religious and secular, crop up, gain ground, and soon become a kind of reality of their own. It is a place of siestas and late nights, bullfights and sangria and flamenco dancers, but it is also a place with […]


Professors cultivate a class, not a menagerie

In March 2003, the Yale Law School auditorium overflowed with hundreds of students eager to hear a panel of professors’ opinions on the potential war in Iraq. Professors criticized various administration practices and international institutions from Halliburton to the U.N., making jokes and providing a wide variety of perspectives to the student body. In the […]


Duelers fight ‘Chaos’ with foam

They are the best-kept secret at Yale. Their mission is to supervise extra-nonsensical activity on Cross Campus. They are our best, last and only line of defense. They work in secret and exist in shadow. They fight with foam. So proclaims the Web site of Yale’s very own Freestyle Dueling Association, better known by many […]

RNC sparks student activism

While most Yale students were moving boxes from storage, decorating their rooms, and catching up with friends on Sunday, Miranda Jones ’06 and Abe Koogler ’06 were marching along the streets of New York City, decked out in their finest despite the 90 degree heat. Dressed facetiously as “Billionaires for Bush,” Jones and Koogler were […]


Subletters face tough market

Jacob Jou ’06 has a to-do list posted next to his computer. The list includes going to a teaching assistant’s office hours and attending a meeting with the director of undergraduate studies of his major. Among these chores is the one Jou is most preoccupied with: finding a sublet to live in this summer. With […]


Water cooler has washers

Deep in the basement of every residential college, amid piles of clothing and chunks of lint and dust, lies the darker side of Yale. Late at night and all through the weekend, students converge on the laundry room with the common purpose of restoring a semblance of order to their lives by at least having […]


Yalies go door to door to make impact in ’04

While many political Yalies spend their summers on the Hill in Washington D.C., this year, some students will try to forward their political interests the old-fashioned way: knocking on doors and talking issues with community members. This summer, the new Yale group 2004ward will send approximately 55 students to work with local community organizations in […]


‘Assassins’ returns but requires new weapons

Samantha Henderson ’07 chased her target down the hall of the fourth floor of Bingham, brandishing her weapon while other Trumbull freshmen looked on with a mix of horror and amusement. The confrontation culminated in a wrestling match for the gun on the floor of the target’s suite. No blood was shed. It was a […]


Students waver on whether or not to vote

Maren Ludwig ’05 will be calling lots of friends on her cell phone today. But Ludwig — the registrar of voters for the Yale College Democrats — will not be relating a party invite or a piece of juicy gossip. She will be reminding them to vote. Today, while Connecticut and nine other states vote […]


Dating site links students, but ‘flirts’ fall short of dates

According to the photos uploaded on YaleStation’s Dating Web site, Yale students are drunk people, people wearing silly hats, humorous animals, babies, or celebrities ranging from Lucy Liu to Bing Crosby. Since the Web site’s debut on Feb. 12, over two-thirds of Yale undergraduates have registered on the site, far exceeding expectations. Many users have […]


Luxury apartments dress up downtown housing options

At 227 Church St., located diagonally across from the Whitney Humanities Center, a signboard advertises, “Now Leasing Luxury Apartments.” The building, formerly the home of telephone company SNET, has a nondescript exterior that belies an historic art deco lobby. Go up the elevators to the apartment units, and the “luxury” appears in the form of […]


New Capt. Freedom makes first historic run

Friday night, Liz Jordan ’06 and her friends were trekking through the rain from Swing Space to Ingalls Rink, the site of the Yale-Harvard hockey game. They were making slow progress because of the puddles and ice, when suddenly a vision in blue spandex tights appeared in the wintry mix, waving a Yale flag. This […]