Gordon: Telling time

October 1, 2010
LONDON — Humans have a tendency to carve up time into manageable segments: weeks, months, semesters, days, nights, years. Of course, this is an illusion. Time is actually a series of moments that stretch out infinitely and terrifyingly into forever. This was my epiphany as the sun began to rise outside my window, a left-wing »

Gordon: Better than birth control

February 26, 2010
You should probably take two Tylenol beforehand,” my gynecologist advised me. “What about codeine?” I asked. “Well, codeine won’t make you feel less pain,” she said. “It’ll just make you not care about the pain.” Two hours before the appointment I gulped down three tablespoons of liquid codeine. Ultimately, I still cared about the pain. »

Gordon: Intensely naked

February 5, 2010
I saw my first naked man with my dad. It was 2002, and we were on a father-daughter excursion to the Tate Modern. In the section “Nude/Action/Body,” we stumbled upon a triple life-size projection of a naked, slender middle-aged man jumping on a trampoline in slow motion. The other visitors watched the man’s loose bouncing »
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Gordon: Ashtrays and other ironies

September 4, 2009
We start college. We graduate. Our resumes brag in elegant Georgia about our “working knowledge of Spanish” and “competency in Adobe Photoshop.” We spend a year building houses in Bolivia or making photocopies for an NGO, the dubious real value of our social work overridden by the overwhelming compulsion we, the overscheduled generation, have to »


April 14, 2009
Feminists often talk about gender in terms of norms and culture. Judith Butler GRD ’84 complicated this conversation yesterday, wildly gesticulating behind the podium in the Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium. Her gray hair was trimmed into a tidy bob. Her body was dwarfed by the cinema-size stage. And her words spilled out over the hundreds »

Choosing off campus

March 25, 2009
Two groups of juniors vying for housing in Pierson College’s lower court next fall have launched a rigorous campaign, soliciting votes from their classmates using posters and e-mails. Last spring, the battle for the Saybrook College’s 12-Pack suite was less organized, but still ended in more than one man-tear. The housing lottery blights the Yale »

CULTURE REVIEW | Gordon: Boddy elucidates history of media

March 3, 2009
A gramophone sits on a laboratory table. It spins, becoming a turntable, boom box, cassette player. It’s smashed with a hammer, wielded by a disembodied hand. It is a CD player, hatching a first generation iPod, which slenderizes into a cellphone, blasting techno beats. Someone flicked on the lights. “You can see how they represent »

Sharing insights on Playboy, life

February 20, 2009
A holy trinity of journalism gathered in the Pierson College Master’s House on Thursday. Master Harvey Goldblatt introduced his guests: “So much talent, so much goodness on this stage,” he said. Kevin Buckley sat on the right, in a suit “from 45 years ago,” as he explained. Buckley began his career as the chief of »

Gordon: Darwin’s pyramid

February 13, 2009
I memorized the Food Pyramid in middle school. I studied it on cereal boxes, tater-tot packets and Wonder Bread wrappers. It told me to eat six to 11 servings of starch a day. It told me to make fruits, vegetables, dairy and protein part of any balanced diet. USE SPARINGLY, it warned, that titillating, forbidden »

Gordon: Nineties Nickelodeon: radicalism for kids

January 16, 2009
On my first day at Yale, freshman year, I was wandering around campus with my roommate aka my new BFF aka my only F. There was an uncomfortable silence. Suddenly, from the dark recesses of my unconscious, out burst: do do do do do do do do do do do, nanananana na na na, nanananana »

Gordon: Of a megachurch anointment

December 5, 2008
I have been anointed. It happened over the summer at the World Harvest megachurch in Columbus, Ohio. The pastor, Rod Parsley, received some media attention this year for serving as John McCain’s “spiritual guide” before the presidential candidate rejected his endorsement for calling Islam a “false religion.” I’m not quite sure what being anointed means, »

Gordon: I feel I should care about the war, but I can’t

October 31, 2008
I don’t care about the Iraq war. The 4,188 lost American lives are a sad statistic. As are the over 100,000 estimated — but 30,723 officially — wounded American soldiers. The one million dead Iraqis, a number that surpasses the Rwandan Genocide death toll, is too big a concept for my mind to really grasp. »