Olivarius-Mcallister: CLAY made a bad choice

April 5, 2010
In 2007, the first time Choose Life At Yale applied to be a residence group of the Women’s Center, I was on the Women’s Center’s Board. At the time, Peter Johnston ’09 was the president of CLAY and quickly becoming influential in the conservative movement at Yale. Intellectually, I had grown to know him well, »

For hypocritical response, Salovey should resign office

April 21, 2008
A young woman created a piece of art. It was to fulfill the third component of her senior project for the art major at Yale University. For this project, she was granted approval by her advisor, by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies in the Art Department and therefore by Yale University — months ago. It »

Right-wing foolish: abortion is necessary

October 5, 2007
Ann Marie Beckley was born, and not aborted, in 1932. In that year, illegal abortions killed an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 women. In 1972, Ann Marie Beckley, after seven still-births and five daughters, aborted her thirteenth pregnancy in New York, the only state in the nation in which the procedure was legal. Her Catholic husband »

Free speech aside, porn is pernicious

February 14, 2007
At coffee this week, a friend described his habit of viewing pornography as “casual. You know, late at night. It’s just quicker. I spend 20 bucks a month. I used to download it for free, but my computer kept on getting viruses. Everybody does it, more at Yale than at my high school.” He defended »

Today’s women can reject virginity myth

January 31, 2007
Virginity has been one of humanity’s sorrier obsessions. Daphne ultimately preferred existence as a laurel tree to intercourse with Apollo. This seems more reasonable when one considers what met women who lost their virginity in unsanctioned circumstances. In Persephone’s case, loss of virginity resulted in forced marriage and three seasons in hell for eternity. Christian »