YCC Treasurer: Yanni Legmpelos ’12

April 10, 2009
Candidate for YCC Treasurer Yanni Legmpelos ’12 modeled his campaign video after a late-night infomercial: Upon receiving a “YanniStrong” wristband, Yalies each acquire various superpowers and skills, from a muscular physique to poker-table prowess. The YouTube spot, Legmpelos said, is modeled after the 2008 campaign video made by current YCC presidential hopeful Jonathan Wu ’11, »

Univ. loses use of online film-viewing service

January 21, 2009
Students will no longer have the luxury of watching films for classes online at a time and place of their choosing. The recent collapse of Cdigix — the company that has provided the University with an online film viewing service called C-Labs since its inception in 2004 — has affected an estimated 80 to 100 »

News analysis | Union propels HEI protests

December 3, 2008
The sit-in held by Yale’s Undergraduate Organizing Committee last month was just one of a dozen nationwide efforts to protest university investments in a hotel company. But all of the campaigns, though led by students, originated from the same place: a union, UNITE HERE. Students at Yale and other universities across the country are staging »

Waiting for Swensen

November 19, 2008
It was not your average sit-in. Yale Police Department Chief James Perrotti, several raw parsnips and a California hotel worker converged outside the Yale Investments Office on Tuesday morning. To protest Yale’s investment in what they say are ethically questionable firms, about 20 students from the Undergraduate Organizing Committee led a four-hour sit-in of the »

Dancing the night away

November 11, 2008
Yasmeen Godder sprung into the air in a dance studio on Elm Street on Sunday afternoon. She shouted violent war cries. Godder, the Israeli choreographer, was imitating Israeli soldiers through movement as an example for the 29 dancers who had come to her workshop in the Broadway Rehearsal Lofts. Her workshop was a preview for »

YUAG pieces to travel, teach during renovations

October 27, 2008
John Trumbull’s painting of the Declaration of Independence, a cane chiseled with the healing arts of Africa and a silver beaker inscribed with Dutch allegories are all on vacation from the Yale University Art Gallery. They are few of the more than 230 paintings, prints, photographs and decorative arts chosen for Yale University Art Gallery’s »

SOM to court minorities

October 20, 2008
Less than one year from today, Yale’s School of Management will take the next step in making the business world more attractive for students with minority and non-business backgrounds. Yale’s School of Management announced last week that the school will launch a “Pre-MBA Leadership Program” in June 2009 to encourage students from minority and non-business »

New jobs at Science Park site

October 17, 2008
In Science Park, new water pipes mean new jobs. At a meeting of the City Services and Environmental Policy committee last night, representatives from Yale and the city discussed logistics for the recent move up to Science Park. New water lines must run from the main campus to the new site in order to supply »

A European Union Divided

October 8, 2008
Russia invaded Georgia in August in order to reassert its presence on the international stage, Denis Chaibi, an assistant correspondent in the European Commission of the European Union, told an audience of 17 in Luce Hall on Tuesday. The invasion brought Russia back into the spotlight for the European Union, showcasing its importance two decades »

Art: From prestige to aesthetic appeal

October 7, 2008
From the trophy collectors of the 1950s to the eclectic collectors of today, the market for modern art has taken a dramatic turn. “Postwar Art and the New York Contemporary Art Market,” a symposium held last Friday and Saturday, explored the shift of the art market from “big names” to small artists and its expansion »

In India, students aplenty but a lag in quality

October 1, 2008
If half of India’s universities were to shut down today, the world would continue unaffected by such a mass closure, Devesh Kapur, director of the Center for the Advanced Studies of India, told an audience of about 15 yesterday in Luce Hall. The student population in India has grown significantly since the nation gained independence »

Miller questions faith-politics link

September 16, 2008
Despite popular belief that religious beliefs and political orientation go hand-in-hand, Newsweek religion editor and reporter Lisa Miller said political views cannot, in fact, be defined solely based on religious denomination. There are nuances to modern religious views, Miller said to an audience of about 100 in William L. Harkness Hall on Monday. And since »