POSNER: For NYTimes access, online

February 13, 2014
It’s nice to have the Times back at Yale, but I’d rather see it on campus in digital form.

POSNER: A lesson already learned

February 6, 2014
At Yale we’re fortunate to be so frequently in the company of scholars and role models like Sotomayor and Davuluri. But we don’t need them the way so many students in this country do.

POSNER: I will not lean in

January 30, 2014
There isn’t a place for Sandberg’s narrow brand of feminism in the modern women’s rights movement, and there’s no place for it at Yale.

POSNER: All tourists welcome

January 24, 2014
The cold attitude towards Asian tour groups seems uncharacteristic of Yale students, and we ought to be embarrassed by it.

POSNER: The tailgates will be alright

January 16, 2014
The memory of a tragedy in the legacy of The Game is a painful one, and we should be willing, if not eager, to make a few sacrifices in the name of public safety.

POSNER: For better crisis communication

December 4, 2013
Beyond ensuring that students are receiving emergency messages, the Yale Alerts themselves can be improved.

POSNER: Staging cultural exchange

November 1, 2013
The boundary between genuine cultural exchange and a more dangerous sort of appropriation is nuanced, but it depends at least in part on one’s motivations.

POSNER: Addressing mental illness

October 9, 2013
If we offered incoming students education on emotional issues half as comprehensive as our discussion of sexual health and consent, we’d be in a far better place.

POSNER: Matters of faith

August 30, 2013
Together we can work on our first problem set of religious questions.