POSNER: I will not lean in

January 30, 2014 • 0
There isn’t a place for Sandberg’s narrow brand of feminism in the modern women’s rights movement, and there’s no place for it at Yale.

POSNER: All tourists welcome

January 24, 2014 • 0
The cold attitude towards Asian tour groups seems uncharacteristic of Yale students, and we ought to be embarrassed by it.

POSNER: The tailgates will be alright

January 16, 2014 • 0
The memory of a tragedy in the legacy of The Game is a painful one, and we should be willing, if not eager, to make a few sacrifices in the name of public safety.

POSNER: For better crisis communication

December 4, 2013 • 0
Beyond ensuring that students are receiving emergency messages, the Yale Alerts themselves can be improved.

POSNER: Staging cultural exchange

November 1, 2013 • 0
The boundary between genuine cultural exchange and a more dangerous sort of appropriation is nuanced, but it depends at least in part on one’s motivations.

POSNER: Addressing mental illness

October 9, 2013 • 0
If we offered incoming students education on emotional issues half as comprehensive as our discussion of sexual health and consent, we’d be in a far better place.

POSNER: Matters of faith

August 30, 2013 • 0
Together we can work on our first problem set of religious questions.