In new EA policy, an old tradition revisited

December 11, 2002
Next Fall, Yale returns to 1976. Early decision caught the Yale community’s attention one year ago when President Richard Levin told The New York Times that he opposed the policy because it forced students to think about college too early. Months of debate culminated in Levin’s announcement last month that Yale would move to nonbinding »

Seeking a change of pace after Yale

December 3, 2002
While some Yalies talk about going to graduate school to defer entrance into the “real world,” others need some time away from the pressures of academia. Although applications to graduate and professional schools are on the rise across the country, a number of students are taking time off between college and graduate school. The increase »

Students, counselors praise move to nonbinding policy

November 7, 2002
Last fall, Tim Brandt ’06 had issues with commitment. Even though Yale was one of his top two college choices, Brandt applied early to Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “I felt kind of scared of early decision,” he said. Yale President Richard Levin announced last December that he wanted to change Yale’s early »

Local early applicants hope to join Class of ’07

November 1, 2002
and Brooke Fitzgerald Contributing Reporter Today is an insignificant day for most. Many Yale students are recovering from Halloween festivities and the late-night YSO show. Professors are holding office hours and grading midterms. And a few students are scrambling to their deans’ offices to change their Credit/D/Fail classes to a grade. But for many high »

YSO Halloween show rises to new heights

October 31, 2002
As Claire Shorenstein ’03 neared the finish line of KC-101’s 5K race one clear Sunday early this fall, runners and spectators stared. Despite her high-heeled boots and tight black vinyl suit, the former cross-country runner was keeping up with the other competitors. Shorenstein, it later turned out, was not taking part in the race: the »

Transfer students bring varied experiences to Yale

October 15, 2002
Each year, Yale rejects thousands of applicants. But Amelia Fink ’04 was admitted twice. Fink, who transferred from Carleton University in Ottawa last year, was accepted to Yale as a freshman. But she was also offered a chance to serve as a parliamentary page in the Canadian House of Commons. One of the stipulations of »

Student auction draws a crowd

October 14, 2002
While some Yalies sell T-shirts or buttons to raise money, others sell themselves. This past Friday, the inhabitants of the Beach Club, a Silliman party suite, ran a date auction in order to raise money and interest for the Silliman Screw this Friday. About 30 people attended the event, which raised $177 for a pre-party »

Recruits help round out Philosophy Dept.

September 19, 2002
Happiness is a topic often discussed by philosophers. For professor James Kreines, it even figures into the question of why one should study philosophy at all. “If you get the bug you’ll find it to be the most ecstatic thing in and of itself,” he said. Yale’s Philosophy Department has many reasons to smile. No »

Shopping slowed by online woes

September 5, 2002
When students experienced major problems with the Online Course Information site on Tuesday, some were frustrated because they didn’t know where their classes would be the next morning. But Daniel Persitz ’03 knew whom to call, even if it was 1 a.m.: Registrar Barry S. Kane. “I was kind of concerned that nobody even knew »

Yale’s a home not-so-far away from home for some

June 30, 2002
When it came time for the Yale-Harvard game last year, John Sanders ’05 was ready. In fact, he’d been ready his whole life. “I always wanted to go to Yale. I grew up on Yale football because I lived near the [Yale] Bowl,” Sanders said. “I learned my swears around ‘Harvard’ — you know, ‘Harvard »

Cell phone usage rampant on campus

June 30, 2002
Whether you’re a social butterfly, a mama’s boy or a computer geek, a cell phone may make your life at Yale much easier. Many freshmen get or bring phones to school at the behest of their parents. But cheap plans with hundreds of free minutes entice these Yalies to stay connected to anyone and everyone »

Renovation results well-received and still on schedule

May 26, 2002
With campus renovations planned into the next decade and scaffolding competing with ivy for space on Yale’s walls, construction around campus might seem mundane. But for some members of the Yale community, a change of scenery can make a big difference. “It’s sort of like going from night to day for many of my colleagues,” »