Tour guides prepare to tap new class

February 27, 2003 • 0
During one tour Sarah Morgenstern ’05 led, the Pundits appeared — naked — and starting rolling around on the Women’s Table while she was talking about it. On another, senior citizens on her tour asked her about the students smoking a hookah on Old Campus. This weekend, current Yale tour guides will choose 15 underclassmen »

Schimmel ’02 teaches street kids in South Africa

February 20, 2003 • 0
Noam Schimmel ’02 had been visiting a teenager for weeks during his walks around Cape Town streets, but Schimmel was unable to convince the teenager to participate in an educational program or to return to his family. But last week, the teenager walked into Schimmel’s classroom of his own accord and asked to join the »

Yale argues race must be factor in admissions

February 18, 2003 • 0
Yale officials argued in a Supreme Court brief Monday that considering race in university admissions represents a compelling educational interest, yet the University did not endorse any specific affirmative action policy. Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, Duke, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Chicago collaborated with Yale on the brief that was filed in »

Yale professor creates test to supplement SAT

February 17, 2003 • 0
With affirmative action in college admissions facing legal challenges, Yale psychology professor Robert Sternberg is developing a test he hopes will help schools gain the diversity they desire without using affirmative action. Sternberg is heading the creation of a test that would supplement the SAT and evaluate students based on nontraditional skills. Unlike the SAT, »

Yale benefits from INS decision to postpone database

February 14, 2003 • 0
After colleges had difficulty inputting data about international students into a new national database, the Immigration and Naturalization Service extended the deadline for registration to Feb. 15. Yale Office of International Students and Scholars director Ann Kuhlman said the inputting process has proven significantly easier since the extension. The database, dubbed the Student and Exchange »

UCS adds new job search program

February 10, 2003 • 0
With many Yalies searching for summer jobs and seniors looking for employment, Undergraduate Career Services is working to make the hunt for employment less painful and provide more opportunities for work abroad. This week, UCS will launch a new job-listing Web site called Yalelink, which will be a noncommercial, advertising-free Web site that will allow »

Application numbers rise to record high

February 6, 2003 • 0
In a year when debates about college admissions made national headlines, Yale received a record number of applications for the Class of 2007. The University received 14,739 regular applications this year, sending the total number of applications to 17,350. The total represents a 12.3 percent increase from last year’s final figure of 15,456 applications. Last »

Conn. may cut in-state aid grants

January 31, 2003 • 0
When Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland announces his proposed state budget in mid-February, it will contain several cuts designed to compensate for the state’s $650 million deficit. With this cut, the Connecticut Independent College Student Grant program, or CICS, may face a reduction in funding for the second year in a row. CICS gives Connecticut »

Study abroad sees increase in gender gap

January 28, 2003 • 0
While Yale sent 72 female students abroad this year, only 22 male students ventured outside the U.S., reflecting a surprisingly large gender imbalance. The disparity is more extreme than it was last year, administrators said, but the term abroad gender gap is not a new phenomenon. In past years, the split between women and men »

Record number of apps for Class of 2007

January 27, 2003 • 0
The undergraduate admissions office received about 17,000 regular decision applications this year, over 1,500 more than last year and Yale’s largest number of applications ever. With the jump in applications, Student Financial Services, which coordinates financial aid awards, expects to handle more financial aid applications, Director of University Financial Aid Myra Smith said. Both offices »

Princeton refuses to release early decision admit numbers

January 22, 2003 • 0
Likening the early admissions process to a sporting event, Princeton University Dean of Admission Fred Hargadon broke with recent Ivy League policy and declined to release statistics about how many students Princeton admitted early decision. Hargadon’s criticism of the excessive publicity of early admissions comes amid a nationwide debate over early admissions practices. Princeton received »

Two win scholarships in Great Britain

January 17, 2003 • 0
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Margaret Ebert ’03 and Simon Rodberg ’00 will both head to the United Kingdom next fall to follow in the footsteps of pioneers in their fields. Ebert’s model will be an evolutionary biology professor. For Rodberg, it will be James Joyce. Ebert and »