CROSBY AND HOLSTON: An engaged Democratic Committee in Ward 1

January 27, 2012
This first month of 2012 marks a particularly exciting time in both Ward 1 and New Haven politics. On campus, we just completed an aldermanic election with unprecedented voter turnout — a nearly semester-long process of thinking and talking about what it means to live out our dual identities as students at Yale University and »

Crosby: A positive vision for New Haven

April 18, 2011
In his column Monday (“Taking our alderman to task,” April 18), Nathaniel Zelinsky took a misguided stand against the living wage proposal which recently passed out of committee, accusing Ward 1 Alderman Mike Jones ’11 of putting some putative desire to be a “social reformer” over the needs of his constituents. Zelinsky argues that the »

Crosby, Gass, Shafer and Washer: For a more open religious community

In light of Christopher Yuan’s talk on Friday at an event sponsored by several campus Christian groups, we come forward as Christians first and foremost to repent. We repent for the silence and outright homophobia and transphobia from many organizations and individuals within our tradition, including those at Yale. We recognize that responses to gender »

Bronstein, Cersonsky, Crosby and Eidelson: For financial aid reform

This month, 1,940 students will decide whether to accept their offers of admission to Yale. On Monday, many will come for Bulldog Days. They’ll attend lectures by Shelly Kagan, Marvin Chun and David Blight. They’ll eat s’mores in courtyards; braving the chaos of the extracurricular bazaar, they’ll each sign up for 25 student organizations. By »