New drug may cure more chemo-resistant cancers

February 3, 2005
Three years of research at the Yale School of Medicine have uncovered a drug that increases the potency of chemotherapy treatment 100-fold in clinical trials. The drug, Phenoxodiol, is developed by Marshall Edwards, Inc., a subsidiary of the Australian biotechnology company Novogen. According to Novogen, when Phenoxodiol was used with the anti-cancer drug docetaxel on »

AIDS day raises awareness

December 2, 2004
While it may have dampened a few of their flyers, the rain did not keep some Yale student organizations from observing World AIDS Day Wednesday on campus. The Yale AIDS Watch, along with Students for Microbicides, Planned Parenthood and Advocates for Youth, organized the day’s events to raise awareness about AIDS-related issues. Student volunteers put »

Helium helps trace the origin of Martian meteorite

October 28, 2004
While cleaning out his rock collection in 1999, Los Angeles resident and rock-enthusiast Bob Verish came across two unusual looking stones he had picked up on a hike in the Mojave Desert 20 years earlier. The stones, which Verish named “Miguel” and “Gabriel,” were soon recognized by UCLA scientists as remnants of a meteorite from »