Chituc and LeCounte: Peace: a secular goal

September 29, 2010
How are we to live peacefully among one another? There are many ways to approach the problems of war, exploitation, famine, terrorism and the rest, but what remains fundamentally true across cultures, borders, religions and ethnicities is that we — for the most part — value peace, tolerance and fairness. And insofar as we value »

LeCounte: A different value in diversity

October 27, 2009
At times, I’ve been known to laugh at a well-delivered racist joke. The sheer amount of joy one can derive from the multifaceted hilarity that invokes both the bizarreness of racial stereotypes and the absurdity of believing in them is difficult to quantify. Through my high school years, my friends and I reveled in this »

Lecounte: Make the Democrats fight

October 20, 2009
Three salient phenomena emerged from a meeting of the Senate Finance Committee a few weeks ago: A bill to reform health care was approved (it even had the much-lauded support of a Republican senator from Maine); two proposals to include a public option in reform failed; and somehow, albeit by a 12–11 margin, a proposal »

LeCounte: Candidates should respect citizens

October 30, 2008
In his recent column (“Enough Disrespect,” 10/28), Adam Hirst denounced Yalies for our contemptuous rejection of the masses and their opinions and views. I would like to ask him: What exactly are we “rejecting” in our “contempt” for “the masses”? When I talk with my politically passionate friends who are heavily invested in the outcome »

LeCounte: Equality is measured by rights

October 20, 2008
In his recent article (“Better Arguments Needed”), Michael Wayne Harris challenges the notion that argument over marriage equality is sufficiently persuasive to advocate marriage rights for homosexual couples. He asks, quite reasonably: on what grounds do we — the proponents of gay marriage — claim that equal rights and protections are denied to homosexual individuals? »

Call Shvarts’ project ‘abhorrent,’ but don’t silence it

April 18, 2008
I have a simple question for all those who decry Aliza Shvarts’ upcoming exhibit as a mockery of art (or something to that effect): What is art? I’m not asking for a dictionary definition or anything absolute necessarily. Rather, I’m suggesting that for someone to be absolutely confident and definitively certain that this is not »