Mayersohn and Oye: The devil is in the details

December 4, 2009
On Tuesday night, for the first time since President Obama’s election, we sat down in a college TV room and watched him give a speech in real time, from beginning to end. Before an audience of cadets at West Point, Obama outlined his plans for Afghanistan: 30,000 more troops sent over, starting within weeks, and »

Mayersohn and Oye: Democracy and Afghanistan

October 28, 2009
You might have seen the photo on the front page of The New York Times last week with Sen. John Kerry leaning in to whisper in the ear of Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan. To some, it seemed the quintessential image of international power politics — an American leader meddling with the course of events »

Oye and Mayersohn: Addressing Afghanistan

October 8, 2009
When we helped to found the Yale Afghanistan Forum last year, we wanted to set up a place on campus for dialogue and education about the country and about American involvement there. We’ve been working on it. But while calling for dialogue is easy to do, giving that dialogue a constructive shape is significantly more »