Feldman: A necessary wake-up call

April 17, 2011
I can understand the ambivalence that many feel toward the Department of Education’s investigation into Yale’s Title IX compliance. Yale is an institution with benefits we reap every day — could it really be acting so egregiously that the federal government has to step in? Unfortunately, as I have found from personal experience, the answer »

Feldman: Vote Coakley to keep change

January 19, 2010
Calling home Sunday night, I found that the otherwise-serene politics of Boston suburbia had been transformed into a frenzied state. My parents’ home phone had been ringing constantly with recorded messages from President Obama and dozens of calls from campaign volunteers. My inbox has filed with e-mails from Joe Biden and John Kerry, and my »

Feldman: Pride in yesterday’s reality

January 21, 2009
As the sun rises on the first day of Barack Obama’s presidency, many are surely wondering what sweeping changes the future might bring. But on this historic day, we may stop and reflect on the effect Barack Obama has already had on our country, the change his two-year-long campaign has already brought. For those whom »