Oxford criticism misses point of time abroad

April 12, 2007
That two Harvard “veterans” traveled to Oxford University and discovered the rest of the world is not their alma mater is surely not a bad lesson for them to learn. The essay that Melissa Dell and Swati Mylavarapu penned in the Harvard Crimson about their experiences in Britain is now well known, of course. It »

It’s time to reassess Black History Month

February 21, 2007
Strange as it might sound, I bet most of you had already read this column before I had even penned its first line. “Black History Month” is an occasion about which our views are already decided. Accordingly, our reactions are prone to fall along predictable and well-rehearsed lines. Some direct their concerns at when the »

Skip ‘progress’ in dialogue on race

September 12, 2005
Rudyard Kipling’s haughty exclamation that Americans “delude themselves into the belief that they talk English” rang in my ears when I arrived at Yale in August 2004, to begin my year as a Fox International Fellow. The Fox Fellowship is an academic program established in 1989 that brings students from several internationally acclaimed universities to »