Pilot program tests online course registration

September 11, 2001
In another step towards integrating technology into student life, Yale is experimenting with moving course registration online. A pilot program, being conducted in Branford and Timothy Dwight colleges this semester, allows students both to pick courses and to register for them on the online course information Web site. If the pilot is successful, the registrar’s »

AIDS vaccine spurs debate on prices

September 10, 2001
The announcement last week of a new AIDS vaccine developed at Yale added ammunition to the fight to end the world’s AIDS epidemic. But the fate of the drug and whether it will actually reach the developing world where it is needed most is in the hands of Yale and the company that owns the »


September 7, 2001
A team of Yale researchers announced Thursday that it has developed an inexpensive and easily administered AIDS vaccine that prevents the disease in monkeys and may work in humans. The vaccine, developed over the last six years by Dr. John K. Rose and his team at the Yale School of Medicine, will be administered as »

Military awards Yale $2.4 million project

April 25, 2001
The United States Department of Defense is spending billions of dollars on developing weapons of the future, and this week it enlisted the help of Yale scientists. The faculty of engineering announced Monday that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded it $2.4 million for a project that will help create micro-combustion batteries for military »

Glitch at disrupts YCC elections

April 20, 2001
This past week an undetected computer glitch came very close to disrupting the Yale College Council election’s online voting process, which is being hosted by Voting for YCC representatives is supposed to be a relatively simple process. Students just log on to, type in their NetID and password, and pick candidates. Last Monday »

Phone service to be disrupted

April 19, 2001
Students who woke up this morning and found their phone line dead have nothing to fear — the problem should only be temporary. Information Technology Services is conducting maintenance Thursday morning on student telephones that is scheduled to last three to four hours. During this time some telephone lines in Swing Space, the Divinity School »

ITS finishes selection process for new CAs

April 16, 2001
Being a computer assistant is not an easy job, but every year at least 25 new students sign up for the challenge. This past Friday, Information Technology Services finished its selection process for next year’s CAs, who will be replacing graduating seniors. CAs are best known for helping out stressed freshman, but they also staff »

Wireless Ethernet coverage expands

April 13, 2001
If you have ever wanted to sit out in the middle of Cross Campus lawn and surf the Web, now is your chance. Information Technology Services is quickly approaching completion of its wireless Ethernet program and has recently expanded wireless coverage to Cross Campus lawn and other areas. Several weeks ago, ITS finished providing wireless »

How to design, build a better submarine

April 6, 2001
In an engineering lab not far from Old Campus, a Yale scientist is using super-helium to improve the design of nuclear submarines and aircraft. Mechanical engineering and physics professor Katepalli Sreenivasan, working with a group of physicists from around the country, will use a $5 million grant to develop a wind tunnel that uses helium »

Informatics center continues to propel medical advances

April 2, 2001
Modern day clinical medicine has made great strides over the last two decades, largely because of the growing use of computers in the field. Though combining computer technology with medicine is no easy task, the Yale Center for Medical Informatics has been getting the job done for over a decade. Since the center’s inception in »

Profs can put names to computer faces

March 30, 2001
The next time you fall asleep or make a comment in a big lecture course, be warned: You may not be just another face in the crowd to your professor. Starting next semester, Yale professors will be able to access identification photographs of students enrolled in their courses. The student identification photos used in online »

ITS satisfaction survey goes online

March 23, 2001
Whether you think Information Technology Services should make more computers available on campus or you want to voice a complaint, now is your time to let Yale’s technology center know what’s on your mind. A new survey put out by ITS today will give students the opportunity to comment on everything from campus computing facilities »