Health center helps women mend troubles, build careers

October 5, 2006
Rosalind Bryant-Shipman sat at a sewing machine in the basement of the Hill Health Center on Dixwell Avenue, eyes on her hands as a length of colorful fabric slipped through her fingers, under her needle, and back out onto the table in front of her. “I was on a limb, using drugs,” Bryant-Shipman said as »

Poll finds Yalies divided on E.A.

September 21, 2006
In the wake of Harvard and Princeton’s recent announcements that the universities will eliminate their early admissions programs, Yale students have mixed feelings about the idea of adopting a single admissions deadline, according to a Yale Daily News poll of more than 300 randomly selected undergraduates. As the Yale Corporation and the Faculty Committee on »

Elis mourn 9/11 in personal ways

September 12, 2006
Flags flew, prayers were issued and a few tears were shed Monday evening on Beinecke Plaza, as about 150 people gathered to commemorate the five-year anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Eighteen hundred twenty-eight days after the tragedy, the evening seemed designed for a memorial: Blue sky floated over white marble, a quiet »

Students caught up in Hezbollah conflict

September 6, 2006
Like many of his fellow Yalies, Moshe Sarfaty ’08 planned to spend the summer working in finance. For the first part of his summer at home in Tel Aviv, he filled his days (and many of his nights) working for a local hedge fund. But in mid-July, Sarfaty’s plans suddenly had to change. The Islamic »

Summer break means slow business

April 18, 2006
Late on a Saturday night in mid-April, Yorkside Pizza and Restaurant is bustling with students. The doors are open, the tables are full, and the waiters shuttle from kitchen to dining room bearing trays of pizza, chicken fingers and milkshakes. Just one month later, the scene is very different. Tony Koutroumanis, one of Yorkside’s owners »

Societies find their secret niche

April 6, 2006
This week, they are hard to ignore. Cloaked figures huddle at the doors of Au Bon Pain; blindfolded juniors hunch in the drizzly Swing Space courtyard; a boy stands with a megaphone on Broadway and tells a girl across the street to “Swing on that pole. Come on. You’re not gonna get in like that.” »

Final clubs provide controversial social outlet

April 5, 2006
Harvard senior Julia Lewandoski paints a bleak picture of a weekend night in Cambridge. “What happens on a Friday night at Harvard is that a lot of groups of drunk people wander around looking for places to go,” she said. There are sometimes room parties, she said, but they get old. There are sometimes house »

Taking it to ‘The Street’

April 4, 2006
Saturday night, Prospect Avenue, Princeton, N.J.: Students filter down a row of mansions, flash their IDs, and enter a different world. Inside, the floors are lacquered hardwood, the walls are crisp white, the beer is on tap — and it is free. There are DJs on the dance floors, bands in the backyards, drinking games »

Ivy housing continues to evolve

March 28, 2006
The residential college system is often said to be the backbone of Yale. The population of each college is handpicked to reflect the composition of the entire student body, college deans and masters act as parental figures to many Yalies, and the Tyng Cup is one of the most coveted objects on campus. The college »

Annexing nuances frustrate

March 3, 2006
Trumbull College sophomores got some bad news this week. At a housing meeting addressing 2006-07 living spaces, they learned that nearly half of them will not realize the dream of living in their newly renovated college next year. Due to space constraints, at least 45 students will have to live in Trumbull’s Old Campus annex »

Housing is tenuous

February 20, 2006
Kat Ogletree ’07 is a little angry. Last Wednesday, the Pierson student, who planned to call her apartment at 210 Park St. home until she graduates, received notice that her plans were going to be cut short. In an attempt to stem a potential housing shortage in the coming academic year, the Yale College Dean’s »

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February 9, 2006
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