Prizes still under review

April 15, 2011 • 585
Academic departments will soon award their end-of-year prizes to selected students, but many chairmen are still waiting for the final say from the administration on how much money they can grant. The University is nearing completion of the comprehensive review of nearly 100 prize funds in academic and athletic departments and professional schools that it »
The Yale-NUS campus design aims to integrate elements of Yale’s collegiate style and traditional Singaporean features.

Singapore campus takes shape

April 12, 2011 • 6
The design of the new Yale-NUS College will incorporate some traditional “Yale” elements and other tropical Singaporean styles in its design. Plans for the physical plant of Yale-NUS College, the liberal arts college that the University will operate jointly with the National University of Singapore, were unveiled at a Monday morning press conference in Singapore. »

Saybrook frosh win

April 11, 2011 • 12
The Davenport Gnomes may have won, but their trickery gave Saybrook the trophy. Davenport tallied the most points in the class of 2014’s Freshman Olympics on Saturday, but the Freshman Class Council disqualified the Gnomes for stealing and breaking the flag of rival residential college Pierson, boosting runner-up Saybrook to victory. FCC Chair Eric Eliasson »

Measuring the breadth of the new UWC

April 8, 2011 • 1
The University-Wide Committee surged toward completion this week, and administrators still seem to be catching up with the rapid changes. Provost Peter Salovey announced to students yesterday a new, integrated University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct to “streamline” the sexual grievance process, but at least one of Yale’s schools is choosing to keep its independent procedures. »

Yale-NUS must uphold “brand” standards

April 5, 2011 • 1783
As Yale prepares to open a jointly run liberal arts college with the National University of Singapore — the first Yale collaboration of its kind — administrators are considering how to preserve the quality of a Yale education overseas. Yale and NUS formalized plans for the Singapore-based college last week, paving the way for administrators »

Schwartz’s ’11 battle leaves lasting impact

April 5, 2011 • 0
Women’s hockey player Mandi Schwartz ’11 succumbed to cancer Sunday morning, but her legacy lives on in the efforts she inspired — efforts that have helped cancer patients worldwide and will continue to expand in the future. When Schwartz was first diagnosed with cancer in late 2008, the members of the women’s hockey team rallied »


April 4, 2011 • 2
Mandi Schwartz ’11, the women’s hockey player whose courageous battle with cancer gripped Yale’s campus, the hockey world, and thousands across North America, died in her native province of Saskatchewan, Canada on Sunday morning. She was 23. Her death followed a 27-month struggle with acute myeloid leukemia, which sparked bone marrow drives and fundraising efforts »

After long battle with cancer, Schwartz ’11 dies

April 3, 2011 • 2
Mandi Schwartz ’11, the women’s hockey player who battled cancer for more than two years, died Sunday morning, the News has learned. She was 23. Diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in December 2008, Schwartz fought courageously against cancer while her struggle gripped campus, the hockey world, the national media, and thousands of strangers across the »

Academic freedom promised at Yale-NUS

April 1, 2011 • 2
As Yale and the National University of Singapore commit to moving forward with their jointly run liberal arts college, administrators are taking steps to ensure that academic freedom will be protected on the foreign campus. Officials at both universities announced a final budget and agreement that made plans for Yale-NUS College a reality on Wednesday, »

Penn clarifies stance on HEI

April 1, 2011 • 1
Following in the footsteps of Brown University, the University of Pennsylvania has said it will not make future investments in the controversial HEI Hotels & Resorts chain. Yale, Brown and Penn are among the universities that have holdings in HEI — which has come under fire for allegedly mistreating workers and interfering with their efforts »
The finalized budget for the Yale-NUS project allocates money to expenses like campus dormitories, such as those of Prince George Park at NUS above, faculty salaries and financial aid. The project should be finished by Fall 2013.

With budget set, Singapore proceeds

March 31, 2011 • 1
Six months after announcing plans for a jointly-operated liberal arts college in Singapore to the Yale faculty, Yale and National University of Singapore administrators have finalized a budget that will make their plans a reality. Yale and NUS signed the official agreement to create the college on Monday, formalizing the memorandum of understanding the universities »

Staff rehired to new posts

March 30, 2011 • 0
Though the recession has forced Yale to cut 350 members of its staff, the University is trying to rehire those it let go to posts at the School of Medicine and other sectors that were hurt least by the decline in the endowment. More than half of the people whom the University laid off in »