FISHER: For an apolitical endowment

November 15, 2013
There are very specific occasions when Yale avoids investing in companies for ethical reasons, but these are not a precedent for what Fossil Free Yale now proposes.

FISHER: A defense of gentrification

January 27, 2012
The early 1990s marked a difficult period for Yale. As the University bore the scars of the disastrous policy of deferred maintenance that had left much of its physical plant in outright disrepair, crime in New Haven surged. This state of affairs was symbolized most tragically by the murder of Christian Prince ’93 on the »

FISHER: Close Toad’s now

November 16, 2011
Over the last year, we have spent a great deal of time dissecting our “campus climate.” But we cannot expect our campus to become civil and respectful if we allow an institution with entirely conflicting values to flourish in its midst. Standing on York Street is a citadel of vulgarity that damages Yale night after »

Fisher: Pick Mitt over Mitch

February 23, 2011
As the race for the Republican Presidential nomination begins to gain momentum, would-be candidates need to meet two key criteria. First, they need to have a policy platform to drag America away from the high-spending statist outlook that has characterised the Obama administration; second they need the profile and experience to take on Obama and »

Fisher: A two-way street

December 1, 2010
After their monumental and overwhelming defeat in the recent midterm elections, it seems that the Democratic Party has acquired a new favorite word: bipartisanship. The crescendo started rather slowly, with a few newly elected legislators such as Connecticut Senator-elect Richard Blumenthal LAW ’73 suggesting that now was the moment to put party allegiance aside and »

Fisher: A discredited election

November 5, 2010
The public might have thought they had spoken, but it now appears that it will be quite some time before we know Connecticut’s next governor for certain. Both Republican Tom Foley and Democrat Dan Malloy believe that the results of the contested election will, in the fullness of time, favor them. Close elections are a »

Fisher: Unfit to serve?

October 29, 2010
Let’s imagine for a moment that I wrote my Yale admissions essay on the topic of “a defining life experience” — but claimed untruthfully that I, at enormous personal risk, had leapt into a road packed with traffic to rescue a small child from a fast-moving car. There’s no doubt that such an essay would »

Fisher: Legitimizing the ridiculous

October 18, 2010
Though I have long since forgotten most Freshman Orientation activities, the showing of the movie “Relationships: Untitled” during orientation still stands out for me. To say that the film was appalling in every respect doesn’t come close to expressing the intensity of my anger at the ideas it perpetuated. Its key point was self-evident: women »

Fisher: Time for turkey Tuesdays

October 12, 2010
In “Make Mondays meatless,” (Oct. 8) Eitan Fischer ’13 and Shebani Rao ’12 propose a highly illiberal means of propelling their pet issue into the consciousness of the wider Yale community. The reason for my disagreement with their plan is not difficult to comprehend. I like meat. I’d also like to be able to eat »

Fisher and Lu: Too many followers

September 28, 2010
In “Missing discourse on campus,” Alex Klein ’12 is not mistaken when he points to the lack of Republican activity at Yale (Sept. 24). He is mistaken, however, when he asserts that conservatives need to “come out of the closet.” The problem is not that most Republicans are staying; the problem is that far too »