BRODSKY, LEVINE, VILLANO: Occupy emphasizes moral decisions

November 30, 2011
Travis Gidado (“Stop Demonizing Finance,” Nov. 16) accused the participants in Occupy Morgan Stanley, a protest and teach-in held outside a Morgan Stanley information session about two weeks ago, of assuming that everyone who takes a job at an investment bank after graduation is “inherently evil.” Let us simply assure you: We don’t. We see »

TITLE IX COMPLAINANTS: Exacerbating Yale’s rape culture

In seeking silence, the Undergraduates for a Better Yale College (UBYC) create a culture of violence. We write in response to yesterday’s debate regarding the UBYC’s mission to stop sex and its discussion on our campus. Alex Chituc ’13 admirably tackled many problematic aspects of the organization’s work in a column for the News (“Yalies »

Brodsky: Girl Fawkes

November 5, 2010
No one has quite decided yet whether Guy Fawkes was a good guy or a villain. Fawkes was first stylized as a champion for tolerance in a 19th-century “historical romance.” “V for Vendetta” paid tribute to him with a proliferation of white masks and a super-bald Natalie Portman. Yet today, burning effigies of Fawkes will »

Brodsky: A serious need for casual feminists

September 2, 2010
I came to Yale sure I could retire from my role as an angry feminist. I had stumbled across my political inclinations accidentally in my early schooling; I was a bossy, opinionated kid, and couldn’t quite figure out what being a girl had to do with anything. Gender equality struck me as such an obvious, »

Brodsky: Not quite ‘Fearless’

February 2, 2010
There are many things I don’t understand about Ke$ha. I am confused about how waking up hung over in a stranger’s bathtub is akin to “feeling like P.Diddy” or why she was chosen to sing at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. I don’t understand why there is a dollar sign in the middle of her »

Brodsky: A call for spam reform

January 27, 2010
Generally, I have a lot of confidence in the invisible hand. Even though my conservative dad calls me Comrade Brodsky (I voted for Obama), I am generally happily surprised by our world’s ability to regulate itself — economically or otherwise. Overwhelming majorities in Congress tend to result in dissatisfaction with the reigning party, and so »

Brodsky and Zhu: A collective vision for Dwight Hall

November 17, 2009
James Cersonsky raised several ideas for Dwight Hall to become more active in promoting community service and social justice (“Step it up, Dwight Hall,” Nov. 13), Our experience is that a passion for making the world a better place is thriving at Yale. Countless students spend hours tutoring underprivileged children, working with the city to »