LIVESTREAM: Levin, panel discuss economy, election

Watch an economics panel moderated by University President Richard Levin on the macroeconomy and upcoming presidential election. Panelists include leading monetary economist and Columbia Professor Michael Woodford as well as Yale professors John Geanakoplos, William Nordhaus, Robert Shiller and Aleh Tsivinski. This is the second of two panel discussions at Yale that focus on the economy and election.


  • The Anti-Yale

    Fascinating discussion.

    It tells me that economists live in the world of Monday morning quarterbacking. They all know what’s wrong with the engine, they just can’t get it to run.

    Delayed Gratification is too Puritanical a concept for modern, Americans to embrace.

    Despite whatever religious platitudes Americans mouth to the contrary, what they really believe in is NOT the Great Bye and Bye, but the Great Buy and Buy.

    Mercantilia reigns.