Yee ’12 jailed on threat charges

Eric Yee ’12 was arrested in Santa Clarita, Calif., Monday after he allegedly posted comments on ESPN’s website saying he was watching children and would not mind killing them.

After an ESPN employee at the company’s Bristol, Conn., headquarters notified local police of Yee’s posts on Sunday, police notified Santa Clarita Valley Station, which initiated surveillance of Yee’s home until a search warrant was obtained, the Associated Press reported. Police found several guns at Yee’s home and arrested him on suspicion of making terrorist threats.

“We take all these kinds of threats serious, especially with the climate of other shootings around the nation over the past year,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Steve Low told the Associated Press.

Though authorities did not specify how serious the threat was, an ESPN spokesman told the Associated Press that Yee made the threatening posts in a reader response section to an online story about new Nike sneakers that retail at $270 — a price that other readers commented might lead to children possibly getting killed.

In his post, Yee allegedly said his actions would be like the July shooting in Aurora, Colo., that killed 12 people and injured 58 others.

Yee was being held in jail Tuesday on $1 million bail. Tuesday evening calls to his family were unreturned.

In the wake of Yee’s arrest, two schools near his house — Arroyo Seco Junior High School and Santa Clarita Elementary School — notified their students about the arrest but did not shut down for the day.

Yee was expected to graduate in May 2012 with a degree in economics, but he withdrew from Yale in May for undisclosed reasons, the Associated Press reported.

University spokesman Tom Conroy said Tuesday night that Yee is not currently enrolled at Yale.


  • Goldie08

    What was this kid like at Yale? Lucky he didn’t go off while living in New Haven. Yale dodged a metaphorical and probably literal bullet when this nut withdrew.

  • Yokel

    Well, he obviously was one of the 8% (7%…6%) that made it through the admissions process. An SAT score of 2400 is no guarantee. Just saying…

  • anon12

    Read other articles on these events. Yee was still living at home and the guns were owned by his father.

    So Yee flamed someone on the internet. And has a father that owns guns….aka he fits two criteria that probably apply to a full 50% of young adult males in the U.S.

    • Huh100

      Nonsense. 50% of young adults do not be threatening young childrens. Please.

  • CrazyBus

    I’m inclined to think he’s just an idiot who said the wrong thing. I am curious why he dropped out right before graduation though.

  • anonaaa

    ESPN makes a living profitting off of college athletes, at least now we know they don’t mind screwing non-athletes as well.

    Sure, threats on the internet need to be taken seriously. Which means we might as well just arrest half the population.

  • siggi

    Another ivy-league fuck-up. President Levine, some reflection here please.

  • Huh100

    UM… I’m not sure who the group of creepy people are who are excusing this behavior… but WOW. But shame on you. It’s suddenly no big deal to threaten the children while you watch them with death?! I guarantee this — this guy should not be at any university at ALL. He should be under serious psychiatric 24-hour supervision.

    meech-yuh-suh, jincha….