Students will “occupy” Occupy New Haven

Photo by Stephen Harris.

Occupy New Haven will have another movement to contend with when it begins its occupation this weekend.

A group of Yale students is remonstrating Occupy New Haven, the Elm City’s manifestation of the anti-corporation protest movement sweeping the nation, with an event called “Occupy Occupy New Haven.” The Occupy Occupy protest, which was organized through a Facebook event and is generating debate both online and around campus, will take place at the same time and place as Occupy New Haven: Saturday afternoon on the New Haven Green. While students remain divided on whether they support Occupy New Haven or its opponent, city officials said they are only concerned with keeping all protesters safe as they converge on the Green. Members of the anti-Occupy movement said while they understood the plight of those involved in the group they are protesting, they object to the means Occupy New Haven is taking to affect change.

An Oct. 13 survey by Time Magazine found that 54 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of the protests, while 23 percent possess a negative impression. How Yalies will fall on the issue remains to be seen.


The Occupy Occupy Facebook group’s description compares the Occupy Movement to a mob, and states that while “times are tough for folks across our nation,” positive change can be effective without “the overhaul of society.”

Elizabeth Henry ’14, a creator of the Occupy Occupy event on Facebook and a member of the Yale Political Union’s Tory Party, said she understands the hardships that Occupy protestors face.

“Unemployment has skyrocketed, the federal deficit is out of control, and the Obama administration has no answers about how to get us out of this mess,” Henry wrote in an email. “However, I think the Occupation Movement’s crying out against corporations and capitalism is misguided and unproductive.”

The Occupy movement possesses an irrational hatred of wealth and seeks the destruction of the U.S. economic system, said Alec Torres ’13, an officer of the YPU Conservative Party. The Occupy Occupy group, he added, believes that capitalism is an important tool and that anger over the fact that “some people can afford yachts and other can’t” should not be an impetus for radical change.

Still, students and New Haveners alike have come to the defense of Occupy New Haven, using the Facebook event comment board to accuse organizers of being “disgusting,” “incoherent” and “heartless.”

Michael Knowles ’12, chairman of the Yale College Republicans and a creator of the Occupy Occupy event, said in an email that he thinks these commenters misunderstand the event’s aims. Rather than attacking the unemployed or “millions of citizens like us” who are unhappy with the Obama administration’s handling of the economy, “we are protesting the mobs of left-leaning political activists that are ‘occupying’ public parks and streets in cities across the country and who proudly proclaim that they have no goals or even an understanding of why they are there.” Knowles said.

“These ‘Occupiers’ do not petition their elected representatives to pass specific legislation because they have no solutions to propose — they only have anger,” he added.

Knowles said his opposition to the movement is not based on political partisanship but rather for the Occupy protestors’ disregard for democratic processes. Protests without goals, he wrote, cease to be protests and instead become “aimless mobs.”


Bassel Habbab ’14 disagrees with the label “aimless mob,” arguing that the Occupy movement does not have “sharply defined goals” precisely because it is a “spontaneous popular uprising.”

“People are angry that, in a time when they cannot find jobs, feed their children or afford basic medical care, our government is committed to spending over $1 trillion on hundreds of Lockheed-Martin F-35s,” Habbab said. “Perhaps the Occupy Occupy group’s efforts would be better spent protesting the egregious sums of taxpayer money being wasted on things designed to kill people in other countries rather than improve life in our own.”

Many critics of the Occupy Occupy movement took issue not just with the group’s aims, but also the manner in which they planned to protest. The Occupy Occupy event page initially stated that it would be “protesting the loafing and incoherence of the Occupy New Haven occupiers” while armed with “posters and Febreze.”

New Havener Ben Aubin, an Occupy New Haven participant who owns four small local businesses, said this was the wrong way to go about protesting the movement.

“The real problem is we’re not going to an empty space, we’re going to a place that’s filled with people who have been unemployed and homeless for years,” Aubin said, adding that to spray Febreze at these protestors would be disrespectful. The Occupy Occupy New Haven organizers later changed the group descriptions to remove any reference to Febreze and said in comments that it was a joke.

Martina Crouch ’14, who has taken part in New Haven’s Occupy movement, said she hopes that the Occupy Occupy group will come to Occupy New Haven meetings to learn what the protests are actually about. She said that she had previously tried engaging Occupy Occupy participants in “emotionless” discussion on the Facebook event’s wall, but group creators dismissed her claims based off media reports and soon after deleted her posts.

“Most of their ideas are fueled by fear and assumption,” Aubin said. “If it’s really important to them they’ll come out and voice their opinion.”

The Occupy New Haven event will begin at noon on Saturday and last 24 hours, according to the official event page, while the Occupy Occupy New Haven counter-protests will run from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday afternoon.


City Hall Spokesman Adam Joseph said that the primary aims of city government is to ensure that everybody, protestor or not, is safe during the event. He added that New Haven has a long history of peaceful demonstrations and that City Hall supports such outlets of expression. “People are stressed right now; we get that,” Joseph said. “It’s important for people to organize and express their point of view, to articulate collaborative solutions — that’s how you advance the community.”

Joseph said that, on the topic of fighting big corporations, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. was able to extract $21 million from a banking deal last year to create START Community Bank, which he said is “interested to serve in the community and invest back in New Haven.”

Jeffrey Kerekes, DeStefano’s opponent in the upcoming mayoral election, said that he is planning on attending Saturday’s Occupy New Haven protest.

“Protestors have some sense that something is wrong, that the system’s not working,” Kerekes said. “I think they’re right.”

Since its birth in New York on Sept. 17, the Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to over 70 cities in the U.S. as well as to other countries, drawing comparisons to the Arab Spring, Tea Party and Spanish Indignant movements.

As of press time, 465 people were listed as attending Occupy New Haven’s event on Facebook and 652 said they would not be attending. Meanwhile, 85 people said they would be attending Occupy Occupy New Haven, while 100 were listed as not attending.


  • type_b

    “Bassel Habbab ’14 disagrees with the label ‘aimless mob,’ arguing that the Occupy movement does not have ‘sharply defined goals’ precisely because it is a ‘spontaneous popular uprising.'”

    ??? sounds like an aimless mob to me

  • jobjimbob

    @type_b: Then you don’t understand the English language. “Mob” is a pejorative, and “aimless” implies that the movement has no motivation whatsoever.

  • StephenHarris

    I am the owner of the photo in this story. Please give photo credits.

    Stephen Harris

  • RexMottram08

    OWS could only happen in spoiled countries.

  • yayasisterhood

    @jobjimbob “aimless” does not imply that the movement has no motivation whatsoever, it implies that it has no aim, no goals.

  • jwyatt

    (a) This is a democratic movement. Specific goals must be decided by relative consensus; to do otherwise would be contrary to the movement’s values.

    (b) To say that the Occupy movement is ‘aimless’ is seriously unfair. The essential value of the movement is that corporate power must be diminished. This, many members agree, is a root cause of many of the ills of the country (the democracy deficit, rampant militarism, imperialism, the anemic response to climate change, media bias, etc.). So: those who are impatient with democracy can console themselves by thinking of Occupy as an anti-corporate movement.

  • rhedbobbin

    Oh dear. Conservative Yale undergrads, the wealthy children of Wall St money and future financial marketers of America are headed down to occupy the occupiers? Glad they are sticking to the script!!

  • detective

    Elizabeth Henry ’14? Let’s do a little detective work:
    1) Supports waterboarding.
    2) Refers to herself as a “Southern Belle at Yale”
    3) Self-identifies as an evangelical Republican
    4)Pro-lifer who believes Yale shouldn’t be allowed to give abortions to students.
    5) Claims slave-owner and Confederate General Robert E. Lee to be “one of America’s greatest Southern gentlemen and one of America’s greatest Christians.”
    Read more: [][1]
    Looks like the Tea Party has branches working at Yale also. To the Yalies blindly joining the Occupy Occupy movement, know the true motives behind a movement before you join it. A little detective work never hurts.


  • OccupyNewHaven

    Correction: Occupy New Haven will continue indefinitely, not just for 24 hours. The city administration and police are aware of this and are allowing the part of the Green closest to Yale / College Street to be occupied. See for details. There will be a march tomorrow at 12 noon, and this time is not subject to change. Any rumored change in time is disinformation spread by opponents of the Occupy movement. Some people will be showing up at about 9 a.m. to make signs. All are welcome.

  • River_Tam

    Occupy Wall Street Pizza.

  • River_Tam

    Occupy the Yale Women’s Center.

  • River_Tam

    Jack Newsham’s ego is Too Big To Fail.

  • JohnnyE

    While this has good intentions, it’s not the right response. We should no more acknowledge this trifling mob than a mother should a child throwing a tantrum at the toy store.

  • detective

    Oh sorry I forgot to say that Elizabeth Henry ’14 has identified herself as wanting to be like Ann Coulter when she gets older. #stayinformed

  • DMV

    haha, Yale has a tory club. What dorks! Thanks for the detective work detective.
    I was in New York last weekend and there were tea partiers there too. I wouldn’t worry to much about them. They don’t have a clue how consensus works so they just stick to sign making and having “debates” on the fringe of the occupation. Besides if they get the gall to actually participate their ideas just crumble.

  • RexMottram08


    You do realize that Robert E. Lee was held in high regard by virtually ALL of his contemporaries, right? North or South, he was considered a great man.

  • River_Tam

    Occupy Commons

  • River_Tam

    Occupy a Science Class

  • River_Tam

    Occupy a Job

  • ElizabethGrayHenry

    The quotation about Robert E. Lee is not mine. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt actually said that about Robert E. Lee, and I was merely quoting him.

    And I never said Yale shouldn’t give abortions to its students. I said that Yale shouldn’t require its students to partake in a health plan which covers abortion. I really wish you wouldn’t misrepresent my words.

  • rhedbobbin

    …because you couldn’t bear to be faced with that choice should you become pregnant? Come on, have a little more anti-abortion resolve than that!

  • yayasisterhood

    @RhedBobbin I think @ElizabethGrayHenry just doesn’t want to subsidize the murder of babies.

  • Standards

    Well you’ll be glad to hear, Yaya, that she is doing no such thing!

    Not only is it questionable that fetuses count as people (let alone babies), but murder is pretty much defined by being unlawful. Last I checked we’re in the clear on that front!

    So no babies and no murder. Crazy how that’s the opposite of what you’re implying.

    But if she wants to object to abortions in general, and doesn’t want to “subsidize” them, simply because she pays for a health plan that offers abortions as one of their services. Well, I think you and she will be glad to hear that she doesn’t have to! And no one does! She and anyone else are welcome to waive their plan if they’re bothered by “subsidizing” a relatively common, safe, and entirely legal medical procedure.

    So uh, what’s the problem here again?

  • joey00

    Occupy the burger drawer

  • SY10

    @Standards: More to the point, she isn’t even subsidizing abortions (never mind murdering babies). I’d venture to say that it costs the health plan far more to provide care to a woman who carries her fetus to term than to provide an abortion. So every time a pregnant Yalie chooses to have an abortion, she’s actually lowering the amount the health plan has to spend, and thus reducing total healthcare costs.

  • xfxjuice

    Occupy My Bedroom…..but only as long as it’s totally and completely consensual.

  • natsteel

    *From the article: “Members of the anti-Occupy movement said while they understood the plight of those involved in the group they are protesting, they object to the means Occupy New Haven is taking to affect change.”*

    The anti-Occupy “movement” objects to what “means?” Peaceable assembly?!?! How un-American!! Furthermore, if they object to the “means” so strongly, how do they justify using the same “means” to protest the protesters? One cannot help but wonder what it is about the protest’s increasing visibility of the disadvantaged that so disturbs the anti-Occupiers.

    I also highly doubt that most members of the anti-Occupy “movement” truly “understand the plight of those involved.” What “means” would they prefer? Letters or emails to their representatives who are themselves part of the top 2-3% and backed by large, powerful interests antithetical to their own? In the face of that, I’d say a peaceable assembly is a relatively moderate response.

  • gino3d

    I must commend Michael Knowles on such a creative and useful event! That said; I would like to remind him that if this is class warfare his team is winning. I fully support the occupy movement
    but may need to reconcider,[ because I work 6 days per week and do NOT want any handouts.]I’m also a frequent bather and compulsive hand washer. I’m a Libertarian that looks forward to meeting such a steller member of tha Yale student body. God Bless America.

  • gino3d

    Typos yuck! final thought… President Levin should perhaps find a way to thank you for your unique way of bridging town/gown relations. Why not bake a cake, force feed it to them and giggle!

  • yale11er

    To those bashing Elizabeth Henry, please remember that liberals and liberal arts colleges are about being open to public–and particularly opposing–discourse. None of the facts you’ve mentioned make her irrational or unworthy of debate or conversation. They make her different from and stimulating to you. Try engaging her on the topics and first principles with which you apparently vehemently disagree, rather than using superficial or dissenting traits to paint her as an automatic villain. Or in other words, evangelicals/tea partiers/republicans/southerners/women/etc are people, too, and you should hear what they have to say before discounting their voice(s). Aside from that principle of open and sincere dialogue resting at the heart of our institution and ethos, it would give you a lot more credibility in bashing her/them afterwards.

  • SY

    @detective. Ann Coulter said tonight that she spoke at Yale Political Union, had a great time, and that the Party of the Left held the OWS group in contempt. Yale students aren’t in the park, she said. Only lesser minds and schools.

    As for protest, can Yale parents say, “I got mine”? The often non-productive, artificial abundance of the past 25 years goes deeper than phony financial products. It was, to start with, real estate windfalls, lawsuit shakedowns and fees, corporate executive stock option giveaways, public pensions to buy votes, and payments or payoffs to anyone connected to an endowment or government project. Except for that phony wealth and the distracting miracles of nerds like Gates and the ones around Jobs, a whole generation would not have been insulated from adversity, debt defaults and broken institutions. If OWJ/NH wants to destroy anything, it is years too late to the party.

  • Abdelnoir

    “some people can afford yachts and other can’t” should not be an impetus for radical change. How How about that some people can afford to eat food and others can’t? Wake up! The true impetus for change is that people are becoming desperate in their pursuit of survival, not opulence.

  • Yale12

    @Elizabeth Gray Henry: Well great, because Yale actually doesn’t require its students to partake in a health plan that covers abortion. Just opt out…

    Isn’t it annoying to be misrepresented? Bet your frocos felt the same way when you claimed they “promoted abortion.”

    Also, thanks for not resurrecting your tofu analogy, that was among the most ridiculous ever written in the YDN.

  • bfa123

    Agreed…and Henry hardly would’ve quoted Roosevelt about Lee had she not agreed. And that is just awful.

  • River_Tam

    Let’s be clear – people are hating on Elizabeth Gray Henry because she’s unabashedly Christian, and conservative. It doesn’t help that she’s blonde and southern. I’ve seen this before at Yale.

    It’s disgusting and needs to stop.

  • Standards


    Nah I think it’s mostly that she’s pretty clueless about the real world and represents just about everything wrong with modern conservatism.

    There are conservatives at Yale I respect.

    Those conservatives don’t aspire to be Ann Coulter.

  • JE14

    Standards looks like he’s pretty good at attacking Elizabeth Henry, why do you have to do it on an anonymous forum though?

    I don’t agree with everything she says or believes in, far from it, but she stands up for what she believes in and I respect that.

  • Standards

    And River Tam gets lady wood by bashing Jack Newsham, despite having graduated last year. Why does she have to do it on an anonymous forum?

    Oh, because that’s how the internet works, and there’s no reason to tie my name to an online account. I’d take your criticism more seriously if you weren’t anonymous yourself.

    And I give a respectful “so what” to standing up for what you believe in.

    Cool, you can make a vacuous fuss about Ann Coulter and abortion. Why that would demand respect is beyond me.

  • joey00

    The prostitutes of the green will be up and mingling shortly. Actually the working girls of the surrounding areas like Dixwell/Winchester etc. will be plying and hustling – they are already.The unwanted children of drug addled “working mothers” will be there to steal shoes you leave at the door of your tent. – it’s too bad that vagrants will take over this movement , and they could have had a peacefull march up Chapel,down York,back down Elm to the green,banging drums and blowing horns

  • silliwin01

    >Let’s be clear – people are hating on Elizabeth Gray Henry because she’s unabashedly Christian, and conservative. It doesn’t help that she’s blonde and southern. I’ve seen this before at Yale.

    Or maybe it has something to do with her stated aspiration to “kind of want to be Ann Coulter when [I] grow up,” perchance?

  • bfa123

    Again, does anyone notice that River_Tam didn’t address the complaints that Elizabeth Henry makes stupid arguments and professes admiration for Robert E. Lee. River_Tam just gave some formulaic defense of conservatives. Address the argument!

    Also, what’s wrong with you? You graduated! Why do you still read/feel the need to comment on almost every single YDN column, River_Tam? You don’t go here!!!!

  • dms

    So. The counter-protest happened. There were, I believe, ten of them. They looked stupid. And then they left. Let’s get over this and move on.

  • River_Tam

    TLDR of bfa123: “Waaah, I don’t like reading opinions I disagree with!”

  • Standards

    No, I’m actually pretty sure the tl;dr was “You don’t address arguments, just play the conservative victim card over and over, and don’t even go here anymore. The hell?”

  • bfa123

    Again, River_Tam. You still haven’t addressed the argument! Seriously. Also, get a life! What’s wrong with you? You don’t even go here any more. Do you miss being a student so much that you have to stalk the student newspaper opinion boards.

    I feel really sorry for you.

  • AtticusFinch

    Occupy River_Tam’s account so he/she will stop posting pointless comments.

  • Yale12

    Content (or lack of it) of River_Tam’s posts aside, I think conservatives and liberals alike can agree she’s just unbelievably pathetic.

  • alum00

    Yale over the years seems to have seen a gradual rise in (a) children of Wall St. and (b) students who head after graduation to Wall St. Thus I’m not surprised that some Yale students, the type for whom debates about inequality regularly bring to mind the insightful point that “some people can afford yachts and other[s] can’t” are taking the Occupy Wall St. protests a bit personally!

    However, if it’s just the members of the right-bizarro parties of the YPU — the Tories, the Conservatives, etc. — then it’s better to just ignore them. On the other hand if it’s a broader swath of Republicans and like-minded conservative students at Yale, then maybe it’s worth writing an article like this one. And if worst comes to worst, there’s always a fallback solution:

    Occupy “Occupy Occupy Wall Street”!

  • joey00

    Maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all. It flushed out a good van load of Administrators (union & non-union) from the Old Campus Phellps Offices. One would think that they would be there holding the Fort of exorbitant payroll down, fighting to the last MAN standing..But instead they’re apoligising to sea gulls and saying i’m sorry to dogs on leashes at the West Haven walk

  • martinct

    Im not up for hating on anyone, even Ann Coulter followers… but as a CPA and Holy Cross Grad (86) I have to say I think anyone well versed in economics can figure out that if the entire middle class is decimated capitalism wont work. Also, true capitalism would have been to let the banks fail and shake out all the greed and speculation. Its the “socialism” which saved these same yahoos that is causing the second set of problems. In any case.. lets take a look at some “issues” and “facts” . As documented on CNBC’s show “The Smartest Guys in the Room” Enron completely fabricated an electricity shortage in California. They told power plants to shut down, caught on taped phone calls. It cost consumers billions, it cost California billions. It put a utility under and all its jobs then cratered itself and all their jobs and investor losses. Do you remember the last Oil price spike to $140 a barrel? DO you know who was responsible for this? University endowments playing commodity markets and hedge funds. In the 2009 Yale report on its endowment , it (and Harvard) lost approx 25% of the endowments value in a SINGLE YEAR, most of it on Energy. And what happened? Employment was frozen and changes made at these schools. This country is currently FLUSH with oil. So much oil that they do not have enough storage in Tulsa for it (regional hub). Yet speculators are keeping gas prices high. Brent (in UK) is trading at a record premium over Texas oil that shows you this imbalance. The US is currently sitting on more reserves than the middle east (new technologies allow access). There is no shortage. The Fed has lowered rates to ZERO and is Paying big banks to hold reserves on account. They have no motivation to lend. There are so many things out of whack.. On to the wealthy… nothing wrong with being rich. And.. most wealthy people I know are extremely kind and generous people. They give back to their communities and to people in need. They even dont mind more taxes. There are .. however, a bunch of people running the country.. some 400 families in politics and defense that are not like others. There is no reason that hedge fund billionaires should be paying 15% tax when a small business owner making 150k should be paying close to 50%. Adjustments need to be made. THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN MADE AUTOMATICALLY had the banks and trading houses been allowed to fail.

    I would hope for more enlightened views from the brightest at YALE, im sure they just havent responded yet…

  • martinct
  • martinct

    Here is a link to a graph that shows average household income and how its performed…

    Now my analysis is that for many years when we had inflation we also had real cost of living adjustments to wages and benefits. For example 76-84 social security went up 70% or more. Now we have had inflation (higher fuel, college, medical costs, food etc) with a decrease in real wages. This led to things getting harder and harder for consumers. First they borrowed on credit cards, then perhaps home equity etc. When asset prices caved in the combo of less income and more costs to live created the current situation.

    When the top of the top has it all, no one can consumer. Early innovators knew this and paid their employees well.

    Also an analysis of “Trickle-Down” will show it worked fairly well up until the mid 80s. But when oursourcing and hoarding of capital took over, it just stopped working.

    People need to look at facts and figures and analyze them. They need to talk to REAL people not follow talk show TV.

    We need real answers from BOTH parties.. or both parties will be ousted..

  • RexMottram08


    You are citing the most discredited economic statistic: household income since the 1970s.

    Do you know what happened in the 1970s?

    The divorce rate exploded. Suddenly a flood of new “households” were created with very low incomes.

  • martinct

    Actually while you are somewhat correct, you are not correct in your application of the information. The divorce rate did increase dramatically in the 60s and towards the 70s. But in the info I provided from 1979 to the current time the divorce rate has actually decreased slightly. So the information in the household income graph is not distorted during this period . Here is a link to the divorce rate info, please compare to the dates on the graph
    I do believe that divorces, single parent families etc due increase poverty though. I can tell you I work directly with over 300 clients and through my connections with other accountants here in the office and all over there are thousands of clients. We see things very clearly in our practices. The current problems started almost 10 years ago and span both Republican and Democratirc Presidents. I can list dozens if not hundreds of situations to back up my feelings on things

  • martinct

    I hope the Occupy Occupy people dont live in the world of Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity but can seek out real information and facts in the way any good university teaches you to. I disagree with pundits on both the far left and far right that seek to sell books and make a name by creating hatred when there should be debate and compromise. There are bright minds on both sides of the political aisle and its time they work as Govt should work.

  • martinct

    Also .. I dont think people should be attacking Ms. Henry for her positions which she is entitled to. I read through the blog she wrote and she seems like a decent human being like everyone else. The important thing is to not attack the person but discuss and support positions and review facts and there is way too much attacking and not enough learning these days. Anyone that wants to rap (talk, debate) , ill treat to pizza and beer on Wooster street.

  • Yale12

    @martinct: Agreed on principle, except that Ms. Henry (though I’m sure she’s a lovely person) seems, in fact, to be hell-bent on preventing others from expressing THEIR opinions – whether it be trying to stifle dialogue about abortion by complaining it was even mentioned at freshman orientation to Febrezing people who come out onto the New Haven Green to express their Constitutional right to a peaceful assembly. Neither of those things seem particularly “decent” to me.

    Neither does holding up as her idol a woman who has spoken out against the right of women to vote, said of Muslims, “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity,” and joked that she wished Timothy MacVey had murdered the people in the New York Times building. Oh yeah, and that little gem where she said it was easier to fight communists because they were “white” and “what we’re up against now are insane savages.” Blatant racism? Not particularly “decent.”

    I have plenty of conservative friends here who I respect and admire, if not agree with. Ms. Henry doesn’t respect anybody else’s opinions but her own and those of her fellow neocons. Because of that, and that alone, I don’t respect her opinions, or Ms. Henry herself.

  • moderate

    I disagree with most of the opinions of Elizabeth Henry. But I believe that having both sides of any political issue represented makes publications more well rounded. You may disagree with Elizabeth, as I do. But attacking her because of her religious beliefs and worldview makes you look as ignorant as you believe she is.

  • Yale12

    Again, I’m not “attacking” her for her religious or conservative beliefs. I don’t think I’m attacking her at all, but if I were, it would be for the complete lack of respect she pays to other peoples’ opinions and to other people in general (see: Febrezing people, worshipping a racist, homophobic pundit).

  • Yale12

    “some people can afford yachts and other can’t”

    Let’s be clear, Mr. Torres. The anger is over the fact that some people can afford multiple yachts and other people, often the yacht-owners’ employees, can’t afford food or shelter for their families.

  • connman250

    Yale12 So lets ban all yacht building in this country. This sounds real nice and liberal, but who do you think manufactures yachts? Yes it’s designers and many middleclass workers who make yachts. So the socialists of Yale don’t even know who they are hurting.

    Ever wonder where all these protesters, who are so down and out, get I phones?

  • connman250

    Many of these so called protesters are kids from wealthy families who are just partying. If they really want to help, why don’t they go into the Hill or Newhallville neighborhoods to lend a hand.

  • RexMottram08

    The return of Radical Chic!

    How much longer until the New Haven Black Panthers show their faces again?

  • Yale12

    @coman250: Obviously, I’m not suggesting we ban yachts; what a ridiculous straw man argument. I’m suggesting that, in a country where certain people can buy yacht after yacht after yacht without ever feeling a dent in their pocket, we have an obligation to make sure that everybody who wants to work can, that no children go hungry at night, that people don’t get kicked out of their homes because of the manipulations of the financial industry, etc., etc. The problem is not the yachts, it’s the abject poverty and misery that exists, needlessly, alongside the yacht-owners.

    Not all of the protester are down-and-out; many aren’t. They have this weird thing called human empathy that allows them to feel for those who ARE down-and-out, and a desire to do something about it.

  • martinct

    Yale12 thanks for your post. Im 47 years old and have found people passionate about their beliefs are great to talk to even if you dont agree with them. This is how people learn. Ms. Henry is against abortion so passionately that she cant even bear it being mentioned . It is a belief in life. What I would do is contrast that belief with the belief in “just war” and death of innocents and seek to find that explanation. I do agree that this OWS movement is WAY more than students, young people without jobs or hippies. A fellow worker just came from an event in mass and saw his doctor a few lawyers and others he knew there. I am not sure if anyone caught this article but Starbucks is putting up 5 million of their own money and taking collections (for wristbands) to fund small businesses. Id rather see the elite wealthy do the same than be taxed. The billionaires who promised to give half their fortunes to charity upon death should ante up now to fund US enterprises with the return being to charity (any payback, earnings or capital gains from investments). I already know many wealthy people helping out in their communities. One of my clients even bought a house for a couple with severe hardship. People are basically good, wealthy or poor, and need to work together to craft solutions. Right now BOTH political parties are doing a crap job. 14% of Americans approve of Congress’s work and not much more of the Pres. Too much of the brainpower in this country has been diverted to passing scams on Americans. That needs to change. I hope this discussion keeps moving along on the news here as I do want that Pizza! LOL

  • RexMottram08

    Yale12 = Mercantilist nonsense

    One man purchasing a yacht does not prevent another from seeking employment and feeding himself.

    Economic growth is not zero sum.

  • River_Tam

    > Economic growth is not zero sum.

    You take that back, you 1%er, you.

  • martinct

    I highly recommend this article from last week on median income and jobs…
    It is EXACTLY what we are seeing as accountants in our practices. Also while people are trying to paint this movement as liberal, 2 of my best friends are REAL conservative and support it and I am independent. We have been talking to professionals all over and one of the guys in my office saw his doctor and lawyer at one of the mass. events.

  • RexMottram08


    There is only one way to earn more money: increase your productivity.

    There is no short cut. To earn money, you must make money. The university system (Yale leading the way!) has pumped out thousands of kids for “non-profits” and “public service.” They have chosen the path to poverty.

    You either sell the thing that’s made, or make the thing that’s sold. The rest is just fluff.

  • Devaghost

    “They have chosen the path to poverty.”

    Dammit! You mean I could have chosen to have been born wealthy? Why didn’t anyone tell me?