Teenager killed in Dixwell

A 17-year-old New Haven resident was shot and killed four blocks from Ezra Stiles College on Saturday.

After reports of gunshots in the area, New Haven Police Department officers found Vashun Lewis with a gunshot wound to the chest outside of 229 Goffe St. in Dixwell at approximately 12:15 p.m. After he was taken to the hospital, Lewis died of his injuries. NHPD Spokesman Joseph Avery said in a press release that the department has begun to investigate the incident, and is currently pursuing several leads.

Lewis is the 11th murder victim of the year.

Five of 2011’s victims were involved in two incidents — three deaths were in an arson and two in a domestic homicide. Although these types of death are investigated by the police, there is little that a patrol department can do to prevent them, NHPD Chief Frank Limon said on Thursday.

As for the gang-related incidents, Limon said that the NHPD has begun to develop a computer database of murders, shootings and robberies. He said this computer database will eventually be able to determine patterns that will allow for better patrol schemes.

New Haven saw 10 homicides from Jan. 1 through the end of March. This represents a 66 percent increase from the same time in 2010, which itself saw a significant increase in murders from the year before.

Although the number of murder victims have gone up significantly since last year, overall shootings in 2011 through March were only two higher than the same time in 2010.


  • Sara

    A computer database to track the locations of crimes?

    Finally, some progress since the first GIS was developed in 1960.

  • graduate_student

    >”Although the number of murder victims have gone up significantly since last year, overall shootings in 2011 through March were only two higher than the same time in 2010.”

    YDN bad writing translation:

    >”Although more people have been murdered this year than last, the good news is that they’re being murdered more efficiently.”

  • connman250

    The death penalty does not work, so say the experts. One execution in sixty years, and we know it don’t work.

  • bearblue

    It’s unfortunate that no has as yet commented on the fact that a 17 year old has died! What a terrible loss to his family and friends. Also, the writer says that the child was killed in Dixwell? Huh? Isn’t that an avenue?

  • Sara

    Bearblue, Dixwell is also the historical name of that neighborhood.

    The city doesn’t need a map to know where murders will strike next. Prior to the killing of this young man, there had been dozens of shootings, almost every week, some at night and some in broad daylight, within the block or two around Goffe & Orchard.

    Why the NHPD didn’t recognize this as a pattern and do something about it is beyond any possible explanation. When one mugging struck downtown this year, police were posted at the corner on a 24/7 basis.

    This just shows that, to paraphrase the words of Kanye West, our city government, police department, and Yale doesn’t care about black people.

    Meanwhile, until the issue of constant bullet volleys at Goffe & Orchard is resolved, it is a good area to avoid that intersection after 12PM.

  • coldy

    According to this article the shooting happened in the middle of the day. Is that correct?

  • Sara

    Yes that is correct, coldy.