Gunfight erupts next to Alpha Delta Pizza

A shooting at the corner of Elm and Howe streets next to Alpha Delta Pizza sent New Haven Police rushing to the scene early Saturday morning.

At least five shots were fired around 2:35 a.m., said NHPD Lt. Ray Hassett, the commanding officer at the crime scene. There were no reported injuries related to the shooting as of 3 a.m., Hassett said, adding that the NHPD would not be able to provide more details until the incident has been investigated further.

Hassett said that six squad cars arrived at the scene within minutes and police cordoned off part of Howe Street to search for evidence and confirm witness reports. They eventually found five separate shell casings.

Customers inside Alpha Delta Pizza said they did not hear any gunshots, though they said that the restaurant was noisy.

Howe and Elm streets include many undergraduate off-campus houses, popular late-night eateries and is two blocks away from Davenport College.

This incident marks the fifth shooting near Yale’s campus since students returned from Spring Break.


  • The Anti-Yale

    Too close for comfort. I lived at that intersection for 7 years.

  • fourteen

    Seems to be a popular dueling spot!

  • harbinger

    If no victims were found how do they know it was a gunfight? And if no victim it wasn’t a “shooting” but “shots fired”. It is a rather handy spot for the duelists, I think we should just pipe an Ennio Morricone soundtrack into the intersection.

  • DT_MC10

    I know wenzels are good, but come on

  • YA2011LE

    Home sweet home!!

  • Hieronymus’ Bosh

    How many shootings before sara admits that New Haven is increasingly less safe?

    “Oh, but NO Yale students should be out at that hour! Oh, and it’s more dangerous to drive in the SUBURBS!” Um.. yeah…


    I hope George Harris wasn’t involved!! He’s a dreamboat!