Those Aggressive Triangles

And I would bash my head

Through the air conditioning units

Lining the right side of the sidewalk,

At first-floor height.

And my head would not shatter:

The metal would.

A dented, mangled Fredereich,

The pavement littered with beige shards —

And the pain, the pain would match,

For once, that on the inside,

A blistering homeostasis of black rage

And I might crack free

And I would not pick up the pieces:

Those aggressive triangles

Why manifest? Why mutilate,

When it all could so absolutely

Be rendered



  • Agog

    As someone from the West coast, this drives me absolutely crazy as well. It’s frankly kind of embarrassing. Buildings that are much older than ours have managed to carefully integrate central air. Passing by hospitals and commercial buildings with ancient AC units hanging out of their windows is surreal and disturbing.