Brawl erupts at Modern Love, three arrested

Three party-goers were arrested early Sunday morning after a fight broke out between New Haven residents and members of Yale’s heavyweight crew team at a Modern Love dance party.

Modern Love, which had its first party of the year Saturday night, was held at the heavyweight crew house at 366 Elm St. The New Haven Police Department first shut down the party around 1 a.m. Sunday, ordering the music turned off and attendees out of the house.

Despite police efforts, festivities resumed 30 minutes later but came to a quick halt when the fight broke out between several New Haven residents and the rowers, said Harry Simperingham ’13, a member of the heavyweight team.

Semperingham said he and a teammate were escorting two local men out from the party when “all hell broke loose.” He added that New Haven police were quick to arrive at the scene and that several of the New Haven residents were maced by the police.

Sgt. Chris Rubino, shift commander who responded to the call, said the incident resulted in three arrests.

“It was just a regular fight,” he said. “[People being] too drunk and too stupid.”

Rubino added he was unsure whether any of the partiers arrested are affiliated with the University.


  • sorrytobreakit2you

    hmmm so no one’s bashing the NHPD here? when they’re protecting our lives, it’s a completely different thing, no one’s talking crap then…

  • penny_lane

    “when they’re protecting our lives”

    That is to say, no one complains when they’re doing their jobs instead of barging in for no good reason to harass people who were doing nothing wrong? Seems logical to me.

  • yalie13

    What on earth are you implying?
    You criticize someone’s actions when they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

  • Yale12

    Sorytobreakit2you: Exactly. When the police are doing their job breaking up actual fights and brawls and dangerous situations, then we have no complaint. The problem is when they’re NOT doing their job…

  • yeahright

    What about the football players arrested outside of Toad’s last weekend. They waited for a bouncer to get off duty, jumped him and then beat him so bad he was taken to the hospital. Way to keep your nose to the ground reporters !!

  • joey00

    Modern Love Dance Party . Theme is Bowie i presume . What other use does one have for 366 Elm street ?

  • modern_dub

    Joey, your cat looks delicious