Admission rate rises for class of 2014

By the Numbers: Class of 2014
By the Numbers: Class of 2014

After last year’s record-breaking application pool, the admission cycle for the class of 2014 saw a slight dip in application numbers, a lower yield and more students admitted from the waiting list. The gap in the number of female and male applicants continued to close from last year, although women still matriculated at a higher rate this year.

Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeff Brenzel said this year’s yield may have been affected by the difficult economic conditions, among other factors. He added that although this year saw a lower yield, Yale admitted more students hoping to major in science and engineering and more minority students.


  • observer

    How about some hard numbers, Carmen:

    1. How many admitted from the waitlist?

    2. How many admitted altogether, to the Class of 2014?

    3. Does the 1,344 number given for the class include those who may have indicated that they will defer a year, or did 1,344 actually show up for classes?