News’ View: Feed the students

Given how expensive our meal plans are, Yale should offer food in its dining halls during Camp Yale.

As it is every year, friends have spent the last couple days greeting each other at college gates with suitcases and boxes in hand and stories of summer to share. The dorm rooms are open, and many students are moving back in, getting to know new neighbors and yet another problematic showerhead.

But for the next few days, upperclassmen have a problem: We have nowhere to eat. Though the freshman meal plan takes effect Saturday, other students must wait until Tuesday night for meal plans to kick in.

We’re all for supporting the wonderfully renovated Mory’s and other local restaurants, but Yale should be watching out for our pocketbooks. The University should step up and open at least a few of its dining halls this weekend for those students already back on campus.


  • parent

    I agree, it is not very student friendly to know this problem exists and make some provisions for these kids. You want parents to contribute when the annual fund letters arrive….. but our kid’s first days back are a problem…. surely one you should be able to fix easily.

    Also, why don’t our kids have access to food on campus after 7:00p.m.? We know they are all up into the wee hours…. they need sustenance! Come on guys….

  • y10

    AMEN. Almost everyone is on campus by the time the freshmen are settled on the 27th. Without food, why bother having us all move in?

  • rent ’11

    Double AMEN. Every year we pay more for tuition, fees, etc. and keep getting less and less for our money. We’ve seen this trend at other colleges as well.