Clark’s car to be returned

Raymond Clark III seen exiting the New Haven Superior Court in September.
Raymond Clark III seen exiting the New Haven Superior Court in September. Photo by Esther Zuckerman.

Raymond Clark III, who is charged with the murder of Annie Le GRD ’13, appeared in court today as New Haven Superior Court Judge Roland Fasano ruled in favor of his attorneys’ request to return Clark’s seized car.

Still, the prosecution can use secondary evidence, such as photographs of Clark’s red 2000 Ford Mustang, said John Waddock, the state prosecutor handling the case.

According to the motion filed by the defense, the police’s continuing possession of Clark’s car was causing “undue hardship” on members of Clark’s family, one whom co-signed a loan so Clark could buy the car and needs to make monthly payments on it. The car will be returned to Clark’s family, said Clark’s attorney, Joseph Lopez said Tuesday.

Clark pleaded not guilty to Le’s murder in January. Police found a pair of bloody white Converse sneakers, stained hospital scrubs and a dark garbage bag in the car, according to search and seizure warrants released in early December.

“We don’t believe there is anything that has been found or connected to that car that has anything to do with the allegations,” Lopez said Tuesday.

The next pre-trial court date is set for May 5. Clark is being held on $3 million bond.


  • joey ’00’

    Is it true that Annie Le accepted a ride to work in this car ? The forced friendship by Clark and posse was terminated by Annie Le, and was to remain a professional workplace relationship !? What were they on about ?
    I guess we’ll have to wait until trial to find out, if he’s talking ,which he probably is ,is not being released by the police/jailors/attorneys.

  • Write Responsibly

    You may not be aware of this, but it has been repeatedly stressed in the course of the investigation that there was NO relationship. It is just unfortunate that the careless allegations may spread the rumours that will taint the memory of a young innocent woman and further hurt her devastated family.

  • joey ’00’

    It was just a question . No offense to the deceased family, God Bless and God rest her soul. I never implied that, just a question relative to the case.
    Also hoping to establish a motive or explanation as to why a man would kill an almost complete stranger ?

  • just two cents

    No mention of motive was ever made by the PD.”sometimes there is none” -Off Avery.
    It will be a crying shame that her co-workers or more important her fellow students will be graduating and moving on. Some perhaps with important info that they don’t feel or someone is telling them that it is unimportant. All Annie Le has is one or two on-line commentators attempting to shout down inquiring minds

  • Laurel ’06

    This is the New Haven Police Dept. we are talking about here. With a proven history of criminal behaviour ( for the most part) which only means an extra set of eyes is helpful and assuredly welcome.
    This is a very connected suspect in Mr.Clark. It’s the Hartford Wharf Rat posse, which means the P.D. is probably crapping their blue ees.
    Seriously folks, when the trial starts this Rat is going to state , ” i did’nt do it” . “Why would i”

  • Annie Needslaw

    Why a man would kill an almost complete stranger? Very good question indeed!! A White man will possible kill the Asian little woman because of the hate. No surprise those occurred in the USA. And it wouldn’t be the first case we have heard if you are over 40’s. I wonder, is he going to set free without justice. Absolutely, Clark III is the killer. Why do we have the Law and others?