Letter: The building can stay

Re “A need for a new building” (Jan 20.): I did not expect all my colleagues to agree with the opinion I expressed in the News last week — that we could wait a few years for the new Yale Biology Building. Although the chair and some members of the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Executive Committee feel that Kline Biology Tower is outdated and that we need a new building as soon as possible, I stand by my original convictions.

As one of the first occupants of the building, I know it has at times fallen into disrepair, but I feel that its infrastructure is good enough for now. Most of the laboratories in KBT are large, modern, tailored to individual needs and functioning well. I admit that there are still occasional floods, but most are due to secondary installations of lab equipment with faulty connections to the infrastructure plumbing. I also do not think it is impractical to build temporary animal and greenhouse facilities until we have the funds to build permanent ones.

I agree with the members of the committee that it would be nice to have a new building, but I think we can wait for a while and get our work done as well as we always have.

Joel Rosenbaum

Jan. 20

The writer is a professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology.


  • dismayed

    Translation: “the present building will last until I retire, and I don’t care what comes after.”

  • some notes

    As a grad alum and biologist I also challenge the case of the current faculty concerning KBT/MCDB as an environment for modern research. Decades and decades ago KBT flooded. Research flexabilty, interaction and animal facilities supported the inception of the world’s first transgenic organisms–much as OML had supported the world’s first vertebrate tissue cultures. These days leading edge interactive biological space is thru the desktop computer. Specialty core lab facilities abound all over the Yale campus. Systems biology forms the surrogate animal facility. Thru the underappreciated open access literature movement, library storage and archive capacities elsewhere compile biological metadata for analysis according to global research data standards–supporting the new breakthrough advances in basic biology research. Let the third generation biology building at Yale, when it is ready, embody the scientific excellence at Yale enabled by its most worthy predecessors.

  • grad student at the med school

    The prof is wrong, Science Hill is a dump, especially compared to the med campus.