Man killed at nearby club

A Hamden man was stabbed to death over the weekend in a club less than two blocks away from Old Campus.

New Haven police are investigating the slaying of Bambaata Carr, a 21-year-old social services worker from Hamden, early Saturday morning on the dance floor of Club Sinergy at a Thanksgiving Black Friday bash. Carr reportedly sustained as many as 11 apparent stab wounds, and two others were also injured, according to a police report. One of them, New Haven resident Sylvan Crimley, 25, was also slashed and stabbed, and as of Saturday afternoon, he is in stable condition, police say.

Sinergy shut its doors Saturday night and bore no indication that a crime had occurred the night before, except for the six candles on the pavement.

Frances “Bitsie” Clark, the Ward 7 alderwoman who represents the neighborhood of Club Sinergy, said club owners should pay more attention with security, but that on the whole, crime downtown is less common than in other wards. There were no crime statistics immediately available Sunday to compare downtown and other neighborhoods.

Sinergy’s owner, Assunta Delmonaco, could not be reached for comment. His son, Anthony Delmonaco, declined to comment about the incident.

It is unclear whether there were gunshots at the scene; the club-goer who notified the police about the incident called after hearing what sounded like gunshots. Still, five club-goers and two employees on Crown Street interviewed Saturday night said they are not worried about the incident.

Crown Street on Saturday gave no signs of alarm or worried patrons. Two women were jokingly taking pictures with a pumpkin outside Club Elevate. Smoke filled the sidewalks as multiple club-goers took cigarette breaks.

The aftermath of the incident, however, may have had an underlying effect on turnout at clubs. A bouncer in Alchemy, another Crown Street nightclub, said fewer people came to the street Saturday because of the crime, but added that “people will come back next weekend, as if nothing had happened.”

Clark said the incident suggests that business owners should bear more responsibility in terms of security standards and weapons checks. She added that she does not think the city should create laws to force businesses to increase security.

“We should not be in the business to try to shut down business,” she said. “No one shuts down the Macy’s [Thanksgiving Day] parade just because a balloon may cause someone to get injured.”

The homicide is the 11th in New Haven so far this year.


  • anon

    the local press needs to be more aware of the nature of crime statistics in New Haven an incorportate them into stories.

    Yale News is not alone, the entire press corps in the state is failing to understand and report on them properly in stories about crime stats per se and in mentioning them in stories about specific crimes, including the Annie Le case.

    First of all, it should absolutely be understood that aside from homicide numbers, statistics of crime in New Haven and elsewhere are not likely to be very accurate.

    Secondly, because of staff shortages or other reasons, New Haven police have not submitted audited crime statistics to the UCR, or FBI in years. The statistics the city releases every year are ones they can not vouch for, they can not stand behind them.

    Thirdly, there is a lot of spin in New Haven regarding crime stats. Crime is down, it is said.

    But the fact is, in one recent year, New Haven’s homicide rate was higher than every single Bourough in NYC and only one single precinct even equaled it.

    New Haven has high homicide rates, period.

    Yale officials have propated the info that New HAven’s crime rate has improved since the 1980s and 90s, but the 1980s and 90s rates were atronomical and New Haven was a terror then. Anything will look better than that.

  • @1

    Then the lack of crime stats in these articles is not the fault of the press (the News, Register, etc.) but of those same institutions you are pinpointing. Know who to direct your claims to. The News did an excellent job with the Annie Le coverage, and will continue to do so in subsequent crime reporting.

  • Puzzled

    Both the New Haven Register and the YDN articles are mysteriously silent about any mention of a perpetrator of this terrible event. Did the stabbings happen without an agent doing the stabbing? Why no account at all of the context of the crime? Why no mention of suspects, known or unknown? Why no eyewitness accounts? Dreadful reportage…

  • ???

    Is there going to be an update on this story? I mean, it’s not dreadful reportage, it’s just that the facts surrounding the stabbing were probably a bit blurry and sealed up by the police investigation right after the incident.