FOOTBALL | Yale falls to Princeton 24-17

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No caption. Photo by R.J. Rico.

R.J. Rico live-blogs the Yale football game against Princeton starting at 1 p.m. Saturday.


  • ’98

    A lot of empty seats there.

  • ’12

    Yup. Disappointing game.

  • SPIRIT OF 75

    YOU HAVE TO ADMIT I was right about the Princeton game. Right down to the final score. Lets not get giddy about beating Harvard. Harvard 35 Yale 10

  • HYP

    At least when Hahvahd smoked us the last two years we could always say we smoked Princeton.

    It’s gonna be a bad one.


    Except for a few High Spots, This season has really been a huge dissapointment!!


    PS Time for one last QB change! Brook Hart can you bring a miracle, and help beat HAHVAD.

  • Alum

    “One play in, and the game is already starting to get out of hand, as a Tiger and Bulldog physically clashed after the opening kickoff.”

    You only told part of the story. After the kickoff, words were exchanged between two of the players. This was followed by the Yale player repeatedly punching the Princeton player in the head. The Yale player was ejected from the game. From where we sat it looked pretty one-sided and the ejection was deserved. This is something Coach Williams needs to get under control and it was an embarrassment to the Yale side.

  • RJ

    @ Alum: when I was writing that, I had only seen the aftermath (the players being separated). I didn’t find out about the punch until after the game.

  • BD4Ever

    I’ll be “optimistic” and say Harvard 21, Yale 7. :-(

    At least we got lots of yards vs. Princeton. Our only hope is to do the same, and this time avoid turnovers. On the other hand, it appears our defense’s ability to bend but not break is pretty shot… I hope the docs let Larry Abare play, he has the rest of his life to recover!


    PUNCHING PRINCETON PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!That is one dispicable act of violence that cannot be tolerated.In the (Ivy League) clean hard Football with honor for your School. What few Yale fans that were there it must have been awful to witness. Only 9000!TotalAttendance