Clark’s relatives back at work

As Raymond Clark III waits to plead to the charge of murdering Annie Le GRD ’13, Clark’s sister, brother-in-law and fiancée have returned to their jobs as animal lab technicians at Yale’s Animal Resources Center.

Clark’s fiancée, Jennifer Hromadka, his sister, Denise Kent, and his brother-in-law, Shawn Kent, first did not show up for work two days before Clark was arrested on Sept. 17, a person who works with Clark told the News at the time. But Hromadka and the Kents are now back at work in the same positions, Vice President for Human Resources and Administration Michael Peel confirmed Tuesday. Peel said human resources staff had met with all three to discuss how the University could ease their transition back into the workplace.

Multiple phone calls to all three employees’ home and listed office numbers were not returned.

Administrators felt obliged to help Hromadka and the Kents return to their normal work routines, Peel said, adding that the three have not been accused of any wrongdoing.

“There’s been a lot of sensitivity to making sure they’re not uncomfortable,” Peel said. “I’d be disappointed if their colleagues did think differently of them. They’re very much bystanders.”

Another University staff member who works with Shawn Kent said Kent has relocated from the research building at 10 Amistad St., where Clark and the Kents worked prior to Clark’s arrest and where Le’s body was found Sept. 13. The staff member asked to remain anonymous to avoid jeopardizing relationships with his colleagues and supervisors.

Shawn Kent now works at the Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine, the staff member said. Located a few blocks away from 10 Amistad St., the Center houses labs for genetics, development, oncology and cardiobiology research.

Of the six Boyer Center staff members interviewed Tuesday, three said they did not know Shawn Kent and three declined to comment.

Peel said he did not know whether the Kents or Hromadka had wanted to change jobs at Yale. He said he also did not know where they are currently working.

Lewis Chimes, a New Haven attorney who specializes in employment law, said the three did not have the legal right to request to be transferred from their previous positions.

“Their circumstance doesn’t give them any right [to transfer],” he said. “It’s a specific issue between them and the University.”

Chimes added that University employees who are union members might have some special rights under their collective bargaining agreement. Animal lab technicians at Yale can choose to join Local 34, the union that represents clerical and technical University employees, but Peel said he did not know whether Horomadka and the Kents are members. Local 34 president Laura Smith and union spokesman Evan Cobb could not be reached for comment Tuesday evening.

Clark, who did not appear at a court hearing for him Tuesday, has been suspended from his job at the Animal Resources Center, University President Richard Levin said in a campuswide e-mail the morning of Clark’s arrest.


  • Civilized

    If your reporting is accurate, the Human Resources Division of Yale is acting in a sensitive and civilized manner. I recall after the students were murdered at Kent State, the bureaucratic machinery of the University sent the parents of the slain students bills for tuition. (Of course that situation was riddled with national politics and nobody wanted to touch it with a ten-foot-pole.)

    Perhaps we have learned something in the nearly 40 intervening years about overcoming institutional snd technological insesitivity.

    For more on that see

  • Me

    Exactly WHAT is the point of this article? SO unnecessary!!! Leave the family alone!

  • septcasey

    For #2 reply, you ask what is the point of this. Do you think Annie’s friends who also work there are going to feel comfortable knowing that the suspect’s closest family are working right there with them everyday? Its a matter of decency and respect on the suspect’s family to find work elsewhere in respect to Annie’s friends who worked there with her.

  • Arthur

    I wonder if Civilized monitors all universities’ student newspapers and press releases to find loose or irrelevant connections to the Kent State deaths.

  • Civilized

    Deaths? Did they expire?

  • bymod

    I can’t belive By septcasey’s comment. These poor people had nothing to do with what happened and don’t deserve to be blacklisted because of it. Surely they have suffered horribly. They didn’t ask for this! Shame on you – what an ignoramus!

  • Generation Gap (Civilized)

    # 4 Arthur:

    PS–I don’t know too many universities that have had murders occur on their campuses. The connection doesn’t seem loose or irrelevant.

    It sparks reaction in me since both universities are my almae matres and since I was born in New Haven.

    Your weariness of my allusion reminds me that I am a graybeard keyboarding in a young person’s arena. Kent State probably sounds to you like Iwo Jima or Pearl Harbor sounded to me when I was younger: Just words.

    I should actually have been more sensitive to that very real phenomenon: the Generation Gap. Thanks for reminding me.

    PK http;//

  • mr lucky

    Maybe they don’t have anything to do with the murder, but maybe they do


    Perish the thought. No, banish the thought.

  • proYale

    Paul, Kent State has been overstudied. It is about as relevant as Pearl Harbor. It carries no analog to this situation.


    #10 ProYale:

    I’m beginning to come to that opinion myself.

    Garry Trudeau once named a cat in Doonesbury “Kent State” to satirize its overuse.

    It’s hackneyed and trite to even utter the name of the incident any more.

    But over “studied”? Nobody has studied it at all—they’ve just chronicled it.

    The only “study” I know (if I may be so immodest )is my “The Bound and the Unbound: Oedipus, Isaac and Jesus” which can be found in my papers in Sterling’s Manuscripts and Archives: Kent State Collection (MS 804) or at

    However, I wrote that 30 years ago for a Divinity Tutorial and it has not seen the light of day until a month ago when I put it on a blog for posterity. (That’s what you do when you get to be 65.)

    I doubt it has interest to more than a handful of folks, if that.

    Not a study, but a great speech by Henry Steele Commager, is “The University and the Community of Learning” delivered at Kent State in 1971: See Academic Triptych: Emerson, Churchill, Commager at or just go to

    Or just forget the whole thing. History is a waste of time.

  • agree with #2

    This article was tasteless. From what has been stated they had NOTHING to do with the murder. Leave them alone, and let them get on with their lives.

  • chris

    This article was tasteless. From what has been stated they had NOTHING to do with the murder. Leave them alone, and let them get on with their lives.

    They at the very least loved and supported a man who took Annie’s life. They also supported him after the murder, and before Annie’s body was found stuffed in a wall on her wedding day. They did not turn Ray in. I can not imagine how they would not be a distraction in that environment. They should have had the decency to quit. They did not kill Annie, but they certainly support, sympathize, and continue to assist the man who did. Im sure Annie would have liked to go on with her life too.

  • carl

    This article was tasteless. From what has been stated they had NOTHING to do with the murder. Leave them alone, and let them get on with their lives.

    Anyone associated with Ray Clark deserves zero sympathy. Shine the spotlight on them as brightly as possible. They have shown zero remorse and zero consideration for Annie’s friends and family for what Ray did.

  • joe 0

    Do you think any of these family members will come forward with any pertint info on this case ? What if they stumble across a piece of evidence, a damning piece of evidence ?

    Of course another road is, what if another person is brought to light ….

  • wow

    Innocent until proven guilty….what has been proved that he did it in the courts? I must have missed it…Don’t tell me all the he said she said crap!

  • What…?

    @Chris: They at the very least loved and supported a man who took Annie’s life. They also supported him after the murder, and before Annie’s body was found stuffed in a wall on her wedding day. They did not turn Ray in. I can not imagine how they would not be a distraction in that environment. They should have had the decency to quit. They did not kill Annie, but they certainly support, sympathize, and continue to assist the man who did. Im sure Annie would have liked to go on with her life too.


    I could go on about this kind of crap for days, but I am going to put it simply like this… Ray’s family members are not suspects nor have been considered suspects in this case. Because they continued to support him through the process PRIOR to her body being found does not make them less of a human being and I would expect ANYONE to have done the same. We can not just assume they knew what happened and cannot also expect them to “turn Ray in” unless they had knowledge of the crime. DON’T SPECULATE IN THIS CASE, WE KNOW NOTHING AND IT IS WRONG TO CONTINUE TO DO SO.

    Leave the family alone… it has to be hard enough dealing with knowing a family member was suspected of a crime of this magnitude. Until information surfaces showing that they had prior knowledge, you have no right to try and spin this crap like the media does on a daily basis.

  • @15

    If it turns out that he didn’t do it, Yale’s gonna have two (instead of one) HUGE lawsuits on its hands.

  • TD’04

    What #17 said.

  • Lucas

    Yale is doing the right thing by welcoming Clark’s family back to work. They have not been accused of wrongdoing and no reasonable person can blame them for wanting to think the best of someone that they love. As long as they continue to perform their jobs satisfactorily and are not implicated in the crime, they should be allowed to remain employed at Yale without harassment or suspicion.

    I agree with others that the media needs to leave Clark’s family alone.


    Te media IS leaving the Clark family alone. This article merely informs the community of Yale Human Resources’ sensitive and civilized behavior in trying to ease the family back into the daily routine of work at the University.

    The people wo are NOT leaving the family alone are those in this blog whose contributions amount to little more than gossip.

  • Ciarrai

    I agree with “Me”. This article is an embarrassment to YDN. Leave these people alone. Furthermore, if you can’t understand why a family would support another family member in these circumstances, I suggest you try getting ahold of a heart. You are heart-less. And damn it grow up while you’re at it.

  • To #21

    “Multiple phone calls to all three employees’ home and listed office numbers were not returned.”

  • carl

    You dont think the Clark family realized what happened when ray showed up in a different shirt, bloodied and “stressed” the same day that Annie went missing. That he did not act suspicious? How about when he went back and further cleaned up evidence the next day. Why did the family not go back to work? They played softball with Ray and continued their daily lives knowing Annie’s family was desperately searching for her. Jenifer moved out prior to his being arrested, and why was that? 7 days went by before he was arrested, and they allowed Annie to rot behind a wall, and allowed her loved ones to continue to suffer, hoping she was never found.

    The Clarks have done nothing after the incident to express any sort of remorse or shame for what Ray has done. Who raises and loves a man who can beat and strangle a young woman 1 foot shorter and 100 lbs lighter then him. A man who could further disrespect her body by stuffing her in a wall and taking every action possible to get away with his crime. Ray’s actions were beyond inexcusable both for the act and after the act and he shamed the whole family, and still they work to support Ray, and get him off. They would be elated if he were to go free from a technicality.

    If Ray lost control an honorable man would take responsibility for his actions, not evade and stay silent.

    The Le family is still begging for an explanation for what happened, and an accounting of their daughters last moments. Ray, and the Clark family has done nothing to alleviate their pain.

    The more coverage the better, and the more light shown on all the Clarks the better. I have zero sympathy for them, Annie is the victim here, or have you forgotten her already?

  • carl

    I agree with “Me”. This article is an embarrassment to YDN. Leave these people alone. Furthermore, if you can’t understand why a family would support another family member in these circumstances, I suggest you try getting ahold of a heart. You are heart-less. And damn it grow up while you’re at it.


    get a heart? Are you kidding. After what Ray has done. What heart have the Clark family shown to Annie’s loved ones, Ray caused this whole situation with his actions, it was not a terrible traffic accident, it was a crime, with premeditated covering up after the act. And how about asking the Clark family and Ray specifically to “grow up” and take responsibility for his actions. To be a man and own your terrible mistakes. To support a loved one who engaged in a terrible crime, you by association endorse that crime. What you do in that situation is the right thing, and come clean about everything you know and offer remorse for the crime because its the moral thing to do, you do not further protect and assist a loved one who is capable of such an act without first owning up to the crime in the first place.

  • # 21 to # 23

    Apology: You’re right. That is tasteless. Privacy is dead.

    PS #25–Guilty till proven innocent? Thank god for American jurisprudence: See

  • carl

    Guilty till proven innocent? Thank god for American jurisprudence: See


    Clark may or may not be found guilty in a court of law, but that will have no bearing on weather he killed Annie Le. He did it, and its obvious to all involved. That coward simply has yet to acknowledge his actions, and that goes for his family as well. Annie and her loved ones are the victims here, not the Clarks and certainly not Ray Clark.

  • pepe

    The case, like many others involving certain people, has that funny smell to it. Wouldn’t it be nice to expect something close to reality from news reports? Oh, I’m such a dreamer.

  • carl

    The case, like many others involving certain peopl


    Not sure I understand, what people exactly?

  • Helen Li

    Thank you for your reporting. You are doing your job with professionalism, and nobody has the right to stifle or censor you. This is a statement by a high-ranking member of the Human Resource Department, and concerned the accused’s family members who work on the Yale Campus. How about those ignorant and abusive finger-waggers leaving you alone for a change?
    I wonder where is the “sensitivity” shown to the Le’s family in such a public “welcome home” speech by the Vice-President of Human Resource. Besides, isn’t it prejudicial to the forthcoming trial in flauting such a self-indulgentm one-sided gesture? I have not heard him apologizing to the Le family for the utter shambles of a department he is running in allowing rampant nepotism and assigning whole families to take over a laboratory; or the lack of proper complaint/disciplinary procedures that contributed to the tragedy. I wonder how Vice-President Peel could be so sure that the family members were “mere bystanders.” At the very least, the appointment of Clark due to nepotism, and the four years of the family working together in close quarters with full awareness of the accused’s violent’s past and bullying and controlling behavior at the lab would preclude such a breathtaking conclusion. I don’t know whether the family had any inkling about the crime in the days before the arrest. Neither did Mr. Peel.
    I must admit of being taken aback by the family’s return to work. Mere basic human decency and respect to the feelings of the victim’s family and freinds would rule that out as an option after such a horrific crime. My reading is that they are going to play “hard ball.” I sure hope the prosecution would put them and other staff and students who work there on the stand; and subject them to rigorous forensic examination about the atmosphere and situation in the laboratory in the weeks and months precdeing the murder.

    Carl, I agree with what you said. The only thing I would add is that it is not unusual for the suspect’s family to rally around him/her no matter what. Some have total contempt for the victim and his/her family. We have a lot of that in England, with laughing, joking, shouting abuse all through trials by the whole clan. A person is partially a product of his/her upbringing. I know what efforts and what kind of people would be involved in producing a gem like Annie Le. The flip-side of that human condition is also true.

    Annie’s family certainly don’t have the luxury of being “mere bystanders” and there is scant “sensitivity” accorded to them by Yale or the Clark/Kent family. I know Annie’s famiy are very proud of her place at Yale, but I suggest they choose Rochester University as Annie’s real Alma Mater instead, and cut all connections with Yale. After the case, they should engage a high-powered legal team and file civil suits againt both Yale and the Clark/Kent family. I have lost all hope of them acting in a decent way after this report.

  • septcasey

    @ #24

    I couldn’t have said it more clearly myself. Has anyone stopped for 1 moment and thought about the pain the Le family is going through? What about Jonathan? He has to go through everyday with a pain that is uncomparable to anything and praying to God that a corrupt legal system will somehow bring justice to Annie.

    I am not saying his family can’t return to their jobs. I am saying why do they not have the decency and respect to find work somewhere else. If anyone in my family were to do something dishonorable or commit a crime of any type, you would see just how fast my family would disown them.

  • Socially Redeeming

    I hope this is cathartic. There are certainly a lot of repressed feeligs coming to the fore here. Ordinarily I wouldn’t put up with such gossip and hatred, but I see it is serving a socially redeeming function. And besides, from what I know of justice from a famous campus murder spree 40 years ago which shall go unnamed here, it is quite possible the guilty may never be convicted.

  • septcasey

    @ #32

    They arrested him less than a day after obtaining his DNA and linking it to evidence recovered from the crime scene and you say they mau never convict him? If they don’t they might as well shut down the entire legal justice system because if they can’t see the truth here and use common sense to make a conviction that should already have happened then to me it is just encouraging criminals that they can get away with anything.

  • LondonEd

    You say leave the family and relatives alone. Nobody, including the relatives, has to read this article, or any article written about them. If you don’t like the article, why did you read it? The family and relatives can just ignore this like anyone else. The can also ignore what anyone says about them. The newspaper can say whatever it likes, as long as it is within the law. It’s up to you, to read it or not.

  • fac

    How do we know they were “mere bystanders?’ What did the fiance think was the blood on the apartment and car floor?! Had I been in her situation, I would have gone to the police immediately, and gotten away from that nutcase. She didn’t. She knew. She’s possibly an accessory, and she works among us. She should do the right thing and quit. But these people don’t seem like the kind of people who do the right thing. This kind of thing puts us all in danger.

  • Clark=nepotism

    #30 great comment

    Why is no one mentioning the fact that Clark’s family dominated this department? Isn’t that a huge factor here??? He got the job because his family worked there-even though he is a psycho. Haven’t you all worked in an environment where nepotism kept people from complaining about huge problems?

    I had two different jobs at Yale where the entire families of bosses worked there. My supervisor’s entire family started working with me and overnight had privileges the rest of us never had. Not to mention they got jobs/hours when half of the department was doomed to be “casual” hires without benefits or job security.

    These scumbags are staying at their jobs because they know how hard it is to get into Yale- because half of the employees are relatives. Find me one department at Yale without a boss’s relative as an employee!!

    Clark’s girlfriend IS a scumbag- she didn’t NOTICE the blood on her kitchen floor??? Please. She’s probably just as officious as Clark was-by the way officiousness is a quality that management departments admire- and I guarantee she knows some incriminating info.

  • Helen Li

    #35 fac and #36 Clark, I have not come back to this article for a while and did not see your comment until just now. You are absolutely right, how could the female not notice those stains with everybody thinking about the murder big time. And why did the two plus another feamle met up in a car at 4 p.m the day Annie died. The suspect would not meet up with them so shortly after the murder if he had not intended to confide in them. And the iphone records of Clark showed that he acccessed websites to obtain information on how to clean blood stains.
    Clark, I never realized the situation at Yale is so bad. Rampant nepotism!!! A lof of organizations would never allow that kind of practice. Of course family gangs would cover up for each other, bully outsiders, and enjoy privileges if one of them is the boss/supervisor. I have brought this issue up many times, and so far the Human Resource Department had not addressed this one jolt. Instead, Michael Peel went all weepy eye and said exquisite “sensitivity” was shown to the Clarks in helping them to return to work. No sensitivity for Annie’s family then. What a shower!!! The Clark cabal left work of their own accord for less than two months. No persecuting mob drove them off to Siberia for thirty years. Why did they deserve a “hero’s welcome home?” Mere bystanders? Michael Peel could live to eat his stupid words!! Thanks for the support.