What is the cheapest place for late-night snacks?

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Looking to save money on snacks? Take a hike — to Shaw’s. The News’ informal study has revealed that prices at Shaw’s can be almost 50 percent lower than prices at Durfee’s or Gourmet Heaven. Even bigger savings await those who buy in bulk. Consider the items needed for a standard late-night cram session: 8-oz. Red Bull, 40 cents cheaper at Shaw’s than Durfee’s (over several Red Bulls, those 40 cents add up); a pack of Oreos, $2.10 cheaper at Shaw’s than Durfee’s (hopefully you won’t go through more than one of those); and a pack of strawberries, $2.40 cheaper at Shaw’s than Durfee’s (that’s to make up for the entire pack of Oreos you just devoured).


  • Seriously?

    Are you really suggesting that students walk to Shaw’s for *LATE NIGHT* snacks?

    Not sure saving “almost 50%” on pop tarts makes up for the at least 1,000% increase in likelihood of getting robbed at gunpoint.

    The only safe way to get to Shaw’s at night is by car, which – via gasoline – would negate any of the savings reaped by the lower prices.

  • Dumfownded

    Wow, this is the most useless comparison. I bet things are even cheaper at BJs, should I walk there at 1:00am. Shaws isn’t even open late night! ARRRRRGG YDN, so stupid

  • Hours…

    would have been helpful for explaining the price differential. Location notwithstanding, Shaw’s is closed by 11, usually, so “late night” isn’t really an option.

    Realistically, if you’re going to buy a laundry list of snacks, as these totals suggest, then yeah, obviously you should go grocery shopping at Shaw’s. GHeav and Durfee’s fill a different niche.

  • y

    Shaws is good for “late night snacks” when you plan ahead. Why not look at the other area mini-stores that are in the Gheav/Durfees niche, like the minimarts on College St. and on Chapel St.? They are nice, cheap, and for those on OC, JE, Pierson and Branford, maybe even closer.

  • ydnlover

    wouldn’t it be interesting if the YDN did an exposé of why Durfee’s prices are so high? It’s ridiculous to me that a Yale-owned store can hike up prices that much and not get called out for it…


    WHAT A REVELATION! supermarkets are cheaper than convenience stores!

  • ’12

    Must agree that this is useless… Wow, the cheaper stuff is at the grocery store!

    The problem is that Shaw’s is FAR and closes at 8 during the week and 5 on weekends. So when you say late-night snacks, you really mean “where is it cheapest to buy food.”

  • ’12

    “ydnlover” (#5) makes a great point

  • @6


  • Goldie ’08

    The corner store at Park and Chapel across from Gag’s is the best in town. $2 gets you an arizona arnold palmer and huge bag of cheese curls. Also cheapest tins in new haven.

  • O.o

    crown pizza–best place for late night munchies.

  • Student

    Go to whichever one doesn’t involve crossing Elm Street and getting killed or gravely injured by a speeding vehicle in the process, like many students and staff do each year.

  • Wuss

    Y’all single-issue posters, you know, the ones who can’t cross the street by themselves, haven’t you got something better to do than prove your wussosity?

    Unless of course, this is a broad and persistent performance piece, the irony of which escaped me, in which case I apologize.

  • Yale ’12

    Res College butteries ftw

  • Logic

    More like residential college dining halls/Commons ftw.

  • The point of the article clearly isn’t that students should walk to Shaw’s at odd hours of the morning; it’s that on-campus convenience sotres are taking advantage of their own convenience.

    Not exactly newsworthy unless it sparks someone to do something about it which, I think, is the point of publishing a piece like this in the first place.

  • Jason

    Coincidentally, Shaw’s also tops the charts for “Cheapest place for a late-night shanking”

  • GSAS ’12

    It’s not that the on-campus places are purposefully being exploitative – their suppliers are probably the same people who supply convenience stores. This same issue arose at my undergrad institution, and the bottom line was that even though we had far more students than Yale has, the volume was on-par with a convenience store and those were the suppliers willing to work with the university stores. The volume and bargaining power to out-compete Shaw’s or Sam’s isn’t there for the smaller convenience store suppliers.

  • Yale ’08

    #18, sometimes that is true, but in this case, I am willing to bet you $100 that Gourmet Heaven is simply fleecing people blind. They are price gougers who exploit the fact that they are the only 247 store within New Haven proper.

    #5 is also right, why does Durfees, a Yale-owned store, get away with such extravagant pricing? Its ridiculous.

    And to #1, I used to live waaaay down on Whalley. I walked to Yale at 2am and never had a problem. Though I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, the chances of being mugged up there are greatly exaggerated and belie the fact that many attacks have taken place within feet of residential colleges.