What is the cheapest place for late-night snacks?

No caption. Photo by YDN.

Looking to save money on snacks? Take a hike — to Shaw’s. The News’ informal study has revealed that prices at Shaw’s can be almost 50 percent lower than prices at Durfee’s or Gourmet Heaven. Even bigger savings await those who buy in bulk. Consider the items needed for a standard late-night cram session: 8-oz. Red Bull, 40 cents cheaper at Shaw’s than Durfee’s (over several Red Bulls, those 40 cents add up); a pack of Oreos, $2.10 cheaper at Shaw’s than Durfee’s (hopefully you won’t go through more than one of those); and a pack of strawberries, $2.40 cheaper at Shaw’s than Durfee’s (that’s to make up for the entire pack of Oreos you just devoured).