Police charge nine women in prostitution sting

The New Haven Police Department arrested and charged nine women in a prostitution sting Friday.

NHPD spokesman Joe Avery said the department organized the sting after receiving complaints from citizens in the area. The stings are a hallmark of NHPD Chief James Lewis’ strategy to target quality-of-life crimes in an effort to reduce more serious criminal activity such as drug trafficking and domestic violence.

This weekend’s sting occurred in the Fair Haven neighborhood, one of the city’s most-targeted areas for prostitution stings. An officer in an unmarked vehicle was approached over the course of a night by nine women who offered sexual favors in exchange for money, Avery said in a statement yesterday. The officer arrested the women, charged them with soliciting prostitution and took them to police headquarters to be processed.

One woman was also charged with failure to keep prescription drugs in their original container, Avery said.

The women range in age from 24 to 49 years old. Seven of the women are New Haven residents, one is from Hamden and one is homeless.

The statement sent out by the city included names, dates of birth, home addresses and mug shots of each of the women arrested. When the raids began in August 2008, City Hall spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga said the city chose to proactively disseminate the women’s names and likenesses in order to deter continued prostitution.

NHPD began regularly conducting prostitution stings two months after Lewis assumed his duty as chief. This sting was conducted by NHPD’s Tactical Narcotics Unit, relaunched in February nearly two years after a corruption scandal caused it to be disbanded. Before the unit was relaunched, the gun and firearms unit oversaw all prostitution stings.


  • hmm

    How many john’s were arrested? None, right?

    I wonder if this was like the NHPD Narcotics Unit sting on massage parlors last spring when agents ‘went undercover’ and received sexual services multiple times before, um, busting their move.

  • Nancy

    Its one thing to arrest the prostitutes, women who are down and out and in need of long term and effective rehabilitation, but their pimps are the real culprits here. These women are only part of the story and they will most likely be easily replaced with others from the road of desperation.

    Also, where there are prostitutes, there are clients. The ‘clientelle’ are the flip side of the coin. Without demand, there is no need. And, without multifaceted intervention, this sad cycle will simply repeat itself.

  • Luis

    The police use girls like these as informants. I see them meeting behind buildings. Pay them $20 to tell on the goings on in the area. Definitely threaten these working girls with arrest if they don’t do as the cop says.
    In some cases the girls have formed a union and diss the cops. The cops then come back with action like this. It puts these girls in a bad way – a vise if you will. The drug users and dealers in the area get pretty upset with these or some of these types who are high and mighty and above the law, they have a juice card
    Bad unethical cops give them seized drugs also as part of the new friendship.
    Some don’t have much to say so the cop puts words in their mouths and almost tries to have the girl killed because of what she knows about the cop. Sex is traded also –
    Wives, get tested now !

  • Ha!

    One of my fave sting ops was cracking down on the sale of ciggies to minors. Cops were bustin’ min wage gas station clerks left and right.

    Beats facing the drug dealers – they might have guns!

  • Mike

    I heard one of the 9 was a man dressed as a woman and was way cuter than the girls.

  • Julia

    Number four is so right . Ha ! Or as the mickey mouse NHPD says “ah aha ahh,
    hello minnie”. well good job anyways, now that that’s out of the way, how about pimp sting operations ?