Briefly: Graduate student mugged Friday night on Whitney Avenue, police say

A graduate student was the victim of an armed robbery in the East Rock neighborhood of the city at 10:32 p.m. Friday. According to an e-mail message sent to the Yale community by Yale Police Department Chief James Perrotti, the student was approached by two males, one of whom had a handgun, on Whitney Avenue near Cold Spring Street. The robbers took the woman’s purse, but she was not injured. No further information about the incident was available over the weekend.


  • Nothing new.

    Whitney at Cold Spring is pretty brazen, although a retired Judge in my apartment building a block away at 146 Everit was held up at gunpoint on Everit at high noon when I lived there 32 years ago.

  • concerned east rocker

    Oh my!

    I better be on the lookout for men with guns!

  • Anonymous

    of course no information on race.


  • Recent Alum

    A very important fact about the two male robbers (which would be useful to know for students to know whom to avoid in the future) appears to be missing from this notice. I wonder why this is?

  • Sven

    Welcome to "Gun waving New Haven"

  • by confused student

    to those above who are dying to know the race of the perpetrators, would it really matter if they released that information? would it really make you feel better, or help you to make better decisions about whom you should avoid? honestly, what would you do with that information (except focus your 'anti-pc' comments on something else)?

  • yaylie

    @6: What people do with the race information is their own business. What's important is that they have access to it. I bet that if the perpetrator was, say, Asian, this fact would appear in the announcement. Why give perpetrators of a certain race like this one an unfair advantage on evading justice?

  • Anonymous

    Because it means that people like you would start avoiding Asian people on the streets, and that's not fair to nice, normal Asian people. No good comes from stating the perpetrator's race unless enough details are given to actually enlist the public in finding the offender.

  • Robin

    Safety of the law abiding citizens come first.Offending muggers and their politically connected parents don't even factor into the equation…You really should release as much info as possible about the culprits.
    They say that most of these hoodlums are drug dealers , drug dealing users,they tire of waiting for the unsuspecting in their drug turf areas

  • Anonymous

    interesting how the commenters here demand to know the suspects' races and not their heights, builds, eye color, hair color, etc., which are also missing from the report. apparently they see race as a person's most important feature.

    what they really want is the police report to mention that the suspects are black so that they don't have to feel guilty about calling the cops on young black men. they're looking for legitimation of their pre-existing biases.

  • 09

    No, #10.

    The reason why race is important is because it is the second level of differentiation. First is gender, and in muggings, it goes without saying. And with gender you have excluded 50% of the population. The is race, which is convenient in New Haven because White/Black/and Hispanic all roughly make up a third. Then i your height/weight characteristics. Have you ever called 911? Race is the first question the operator asks because it is the first level of identification. Stop politicizing safety!

  • grad student in east rock

    Once a grad student gets killed, I think they will start putting race down. But til then, the multiculturalists will be able to intimidate enough people to keep it off.