News’ View: Ryan Beauchamp ’10 for YCC president

Next year’s YCC president will have big shoes to fill. Two years ago, Rebecca Taber ’08 completely revamped the council’s internal workings and molded it into a decentralized, project-oriented organization. Over the past year, we saw Rich Tao ’10 harness the advantages of that system and address substantive issues of student policy with a thoughtfulness and dedication not often seen in student government.

We believe Ryan Beauchamp ’10 is best suited to continue the YCC’s positive momentum into next year, and for that he has earned our endorsement.

In our interview, we asked Beauchamp’s opponent, YCC Treasurer Jon Wu ’11, why he believes he is a better candidate to be president than Beauchamp. He answered by pointing to his experience on the YCC’s executive board, and only to that.

But Taber and Tao both came into the presidency without any executive board experience. In fact, both candidates defeated challengers who held executive board positions — and we have seen how successfully their terms ended up.

Neither candidate this year impressed us with policy acumen, as both pledged to support obvious matters like financial aid reform and gender-neutral housing. Both displayed blind zealousness for academic minors, an issue against which we have editorialized.

But at least Beauchamp was willing to have a discussion about minors. He said he believed more research should be done and that it may be prudent for minors only to be allowed in some departments. Wu, on the other hand, was virtually clueless: He admitted he was unfamiliar with the work of the Committee on Yale College Education, which six years ago completed the College’s first comprehensive academic review in a quarter-century, and which is basic and required reading for anyone working on this issue.

So it was particularly disturbing that Wu highlighted academic minors as the first item in his platform, under the heading “fresh vision” — a questionable descriptor, considering it was Tao who began the push for minors.

In fact, Wu hewed to platitudes and generalities in his interview, talking about “transparency” and “collaboration” and “streamlining.” When pressed for specifics, about all he offered of a concrete nature was a promise to force various Yale administrators in the Dean’s Office and Woodbridge Hall to meet together with YCC members, rather than in separate meetings, to ensure they can’t pass the buck, as he put it.

If that’s “vision,” we’ll pass.

At the end of the day, we will feel much more comfortable with Beauchamp representing us in front of the administration. We acknowledge he has little experience in policy issues, and we do not believe he has made a significant impact on campus as Junior Class Council chair. (If throwing J.V. Feb Club parties is an electoral ploy, it is a pretty bad one.)

But he has shown an enthusiasm for the position of president and a willingness to get up to speed on the important issues. As JCC chair, he has attended YCC meetings this year, so his learning curve as president would not be unmanageably steep. We believe he would be an effective advocate for students and an affable presence within the executive board. His ideas — like allowing dining hall swipes in the college butteries and establishing a winter music festival — are not visionary, but his approach — thinking about an “action plan” for how to achieve each idea as much as the idea itself — is refreshing.

Beauchamp may have less YCC experience than Wu, but his dedication will outweigh his thinner resume.

Wu’s lyrical YouTube videos will not serve much purpose when it comes time to advocate for student issues to the Yale administration. And nothing in his campaign makes us believe he will bring much more to the table.


  • Former FCC Representative

    I firmly disagree with the YDN's endorsement. Having worked with Jon in student government in the past, especially when he was chair of the FCC, I've seen his leadership in action. Jon is uniquely capable of keeping people on task and on target. You want someone who can get things done and has proven it, vote Jon. You want someone with a vague candidacy statement, no experience, and therefore no legitimate reason to believe he can take leadership of an organization he has never taken part of? Vote for his opponent.

  • @ #1

    i wholeheartedly disagree. i've worked with jon for two years as well, and it's clear that while he can get simple things done , he clearly lacks any understanding of the bigger picture. i also don't think he'd represent the student body very well in front of the administration, especially given he doesn't even seem to understand the issues at hand, like minors and gender neutral. it's pretty fake to advocate for them without knowing what they represent and why the ycc should be advocating for them.

    if you hate ryan that much, then please at least consider abstaining.

  • Anonymous

    The News has made this about "dedication," but what are they using to measure dedication? I'm confused. Has Wu not been dedicated to the YCC? Is Ryan just better at answering their questions and aligning closer to their positions (e.g., academic minors)?

    I don't think Wu is amazing either, but I think this endorsement is pretty weak in its logic.

  • wtfydn

    First, this is reads more like an attack on Jon Wu than an endorsement of Ryan. In fact, this editorial has little positive to say about either candidate. Jon Wu is an amazing candidate and human being.

  • Anonymous

    Ryan has been in student government for two years… and "we do not believe he has made a significant impact on campus"? Clearly voting for Jon Wu.

  • Anonymous

    i agree that this endorsement is weak in logic as well. apart from the dedication point, i am not convinced that someone who has almost no experience dealing with administration, will be better at the job compared to someone who dealt with them for the past two years. this is not about hating anyone. ryan is a great guy but unfortunately he has never been on YCC and therefore i doubt if he will be able to lead it. perhaps he should consider running for a rep next year. i am sure he will be a great asset to the team.

  • yalie

    Supposedly Dwight Hall is also endorsing Beauchamp

    If so, that endorsement carries more weight for me than the YDN's, but it's nice to know they match.

  • Anonymous

    This article strikes me as simply impolite, as well as factually weak. I couldn't disagree more with their assessment of Wu as a candidate, and I wish they'd spend less time bashing him and more time talking about Beauchamp, someone whom I've never met. I think if you're going to endorse him, you might want to say more than three sentences regarding his qualifications. Maybe a single quote from the candidate you chose? Just my two cents.

  • 2013yaleadmit

    I'm not a Yale student (yet), and I'm not fully aware of the specifics of these disputed issues, but hearkening back to life as a high school freshman trumpeter under the leadership of Ryan in the trumpet section of our band, I can firmly attest to his charismatic leadership, willingness to work with our director to better improve our band, and dedication to his craft (he was the best 3rd best trumpet player in Florida as a senior).

    I don't know much about this Wu fellow, but I know that Ryan, if elected, would take this position seriously, work for all Yale students passionately, and use his knowledge of Yale students' isses for the betterment of all. I really don't think his "lack of experience" with the YCC would hamper him nearly as much as Wu says it would.

    After watching his YouTube video expressing his candidacy and platform, he seems to have planned his positions well and informed himself about the pressing issues facing Yale students; I have absolutely no doubts in my mind that Ryan will continue to work passionately to address all Yale students' concerns.

  • Congrats

    I would just like to congratulate Ryan on getting this endorsement. I am so happy that you were able to prove yourself against the odds.

    Wu's campaign is a big joke. His video, his facebook group, everything. His campaign was running on nothing but his "experience," that of which consisted mainly of getting free notebooks that are covered in ads.

    Ryan went all out with his campaign, and it would be an absolute atrocity if he doesn't win this election. Ryan is an honest, hard-working guy-- and I know that he really cares.

    That's what matters. I'm voting for Ryan Beauchamp.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed with all of the above. Though a nice guy, Ryan has no idea what YCC really entails. JCC and SCC are very different from YCC; with his experience there, he's better suited to run for director of events. Ryan talks about minors and financial aid, but has no idea what constraints administration can put on him. He has no experience. I fear to think what could happen to an organization when the leader does not understand his organization. Jon on the other hand has not only worked on areas such as those mentioned BY Ryan, but has made tangible results in these areas as well. He understands the system and will continue to work towards modifying it so that it continually improves.
    Concerning Taber and Tao; I've worked with both of them. Though they did not have executive experience, they were both very involved members of the council who went above and beyond the expectations of their representative positions; Wu has the same insight and perseverance to keep improving the Yale College Council and hopefully affect change within this school as well

  • Wow

    This endorsement, along with the others, is condescending, mean-spirited, and pretentious, and doesn't offer much substantive discussion of the candidates' issues. I come away knowing the YDN doesn't like Jon Wu rather than knowing anything about the actual issues at stake. All of these endorsements are so light on substance and heavy on empty attacks and lofty rhetoric that anyone who is swayed by them should be embarrassed.



    I'm a friend of Jon Wu and a blind supporter of Beauchamp. That's all I'm saying.

  • wow

    ydn has just become the new juicycampus. especially with all these anonymous posts. basically the ydn is just providing a forum for people to come say i hate jon wu or i hate ryan beauchamp. their endorsement just gave their opinion to get the convo started

  • voteforwu

    I have worked with Jon Wu through the years I can honestly say he's the most organized on top of his things person I know. He would pour himself into his job beyond his human capacities. VOTE FOR WU.

  • Anonymous

    Let's stop and think about whether wu actually accomplished anything this year… ugly notebooks aside, he got YCC in the hole so that they have to go to the class councils for money. Funny that everyone is putting up the argument that Beauchamp doesn't have enough experience when Wu's experience just proves that he's not right for the role. I'd rather go with a candidate that we don't know as well but who--based on his campaign--seems to know more about the issues and seems to have earned the respect of both the YDN and Dwight Hall. Plus, Wu's campaign is absurd. I'm so sick of hearing various slogans which unimaginatively substitute Wu for random words. At least Beauchamp's campaign has some substance.

  • wowzerz

    sheesh look at all of these Wu trolls who came out to whine about the endorsement… too little, too late! maybe you shouldn't have let Wu make such a fool out of himself with his campaign.

  • anon

    I know Jon Wu in real life and he's a fabulous and genuinely nice person, but I'm voting for Beauchamp. I'm not completely won over by either of them, but at least Beauchamp's campaign has clearer objectives and more well-defined goals, and he's done the research to back them up.

    That being said, this endorsement is too mean for my liking, which is too bad.

  • Anonymous

    all the endorsements are mean spirited and weak in logic as well as judgment.

  • Anonymous

    I'm ashamed of the YDN for writing such mean-spirited endorsements. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it is poor taste to outwardly bash a candidate. who wrote this piece anyway? It seems that the YDN only endorsed Beauchamp because they (and I'm assuming it's only a few people who decided) hate Jon Wu for some reason.

  • Anonymous

    what is going on with this endorsement? it portrays Jon as someone clueless whereas he is one of the most competent people on YCC,period! It's true that he didn't lead the project group for minors, which was spearheaded by Rich Tao. This makes it completely excusable for him not to know about some specific study. i wanna ask: did Ryan know about this study when they asked him the question? did they even ask him the question? i would guess not and if they did I think Ryan would have even less of a clue since he has never been on YCC! but hey some ppl are just good at Bs-ing

    Why are they comparing Ryan to Rich and Taber? Both Rich and Taber were council members unlike Ryan who has, i repeat never served on the council!

    he has no idea about how to implement these policies he is Bs-ing about from information based off of second hand sources and has never dealt with administration.

    and let me not get started on the dedication issue. what makes YDN think Ryan is more dedicated to YCC? If he was so dedicated why did he only attend the bare minimum no of YCC meetings so that he would be allowed to run for President?

    i dont want to hate on Ryan since I know him and he's a really nice guy, but dude, there is no question that Jon is better qualified for this role.

    i don't think it's appropriate for YDN to hate on Jon, who is the legit candidate of the two for YCC President. it's not right to influence the decision of students who only have a vague idea of how student government works through insufficient research and misrepresentation of the candidates.

    be smart guys. vote for someone who actually knows what he is talking about.

  • look #21

    The YDN pointed out several key issues, and even neglected the biggest issue with Jon Wu.

    As Treasurer he had ONE (yes only one) experience working with the administration and he failed. His initiative, "Campus Cash" fell flat on its face.

    How do you know these things about Ryan? I happen to know that his sources are definitely not second hand sources. I also happen to know that he attended far more than three YCC meetings.

    You don't think the YDN asked the same questions to Ryan as they did to Wu? You know the YDN had to be assuming prior to the interview that Wu was going to be the stronger candidate— but he proved himself in the interview process.

    Let me go back to a point someone else made: if the YDN doesn't approve of Wu, what makes you think that the administration will? Everyone is familiar with his campaign, and they know that it operates on crappy puns.

    If he wins, I want to go back to high school.

    Nuff said,
    YCC '09

  • YCC

    This is my first semester on YCC as an elected representative, and I in no way feel ready to be YCC President. I say this with no disrespect, but I don't understand how someone who has been to only a few YCC meetings and hasn't worked on any YCC projects can possibly be ready to handle the most important position. I know this is just student gov, but it still takes someone that at least understands the internal operations of the organization. I'll admit I've worked with Jon and not Beauchamp, but from working with Jon, I trust him to lead.

  • Anonymous


    I think it's dangerous that you generalized the preference of ONE organization to the preference of the Yale administration. The YDN does not represent the views of the Yale student body, nor the Yale admin. The YDN is not the Pope -- nobody has to take its view as sacred words, and nobody does anyway.

  • Frank

    Though I've never worked with him, I personally know Jon is a great person. I've heard only good things about him. He gets things done, period.

  • Anonymous

    this IS a mean spirited attack on jon, and a backhanded endorsement of ryan, but i know for a fact that the YDN went into their interviews expecting to support jon. so no, i DON'T think that this is just the YDN hating jon--it is based on his inability to actually dialogue about the issues that matter. whether or not you believe it, the fact is that ryan knows MORE about the relevant issues. if he can prove this to both the ydn and to dwight hall--the two most important endorsements to be had--then i think he'll be able to prove this to the administration, too.

  • Anonymous

    At the end of the day,Yalies vote for experience. it is easy to come in with fresh ideas and promises but i, like many other Yalies, only care about experience when i don't know either candidate personally.

    #23: i totally agree since i am a first time YCC rep as well and definitely feel that this job requires a very comprehensive knowledge of how the system works,even though it is "just" student government. I definitely will be very uncomfortable if someone who has come to a few YCC meetings and has not worked on any of the projects becomes President!

  • '11

    as ryan's former preschool girlfriend, i completely disagree with this endorsement. ryan was a terrible boyfriend. once he told me that my overalls made me look fat. I WAS FOUR. also, he is terrible in bed.

  • YCC '09

    You just proved my point exactly.

    The YDN is not all powerful (not "the Pope"), and just a bunch of hard-working journalists… but if they weren't able to approve of Jon Wu, then how could the administration?

    I know you, and I know Jon Wu, and I know that you are a big supporter of Jon Wu---- so with that said, can you imagine Wu talking to an administrator?

    Seriously Corinna?

    -YCC '09

  • Anonymous

    Ryan has run a better campaign, but the truth of the matter is he is just TALKING about all these projects without having ever worked on any of them. He does seem like he is serious about his vision but unfortunately it is going to take him half the year just to learn how the system works.

    Wu has been working with administration since Day1 of his Yale career (FCC, 2 years of YCC experience) and yes, therefore I can imagine him talking to an administrator.

    And by the way, I was struck by how these endorsements were more like personal attacks on the candidates. who wrote them?

  • current YCC member

    I am currently serving on YCC. I also served on FCC with Wu. Let me say two things. 1. Jon Wu gets things done. Period. If he sets a goal, it will be met. 2. YCC is on a whole different level from SCC of JCC. You can not walk into YCC without no experience with the organization and say, "Surprise! I'm ready to lead!" Yalies, do you really want to take that risk? No representative is going to take Beauchamp seriously. As for the YDN, very very poor logic behind the endorsements.

  • @ current YCC member

    You're currently serving YCC and you sound like a total idiot. Your credibility is lost in two ways:
    1. a triple negative "You can not walk into YCC without no experience" where you are essentially saying you can't walk into YCC with experience.

    2. You've never served on SCC or JCC, so how would you know that it's on a different level from YCC?

    I'm sick of YCC people drawing comparisons between YCC and JCC/SCC on this discussion.

  • wow

    "At the end of the day,Yalies vote for experience. it is easy to come in with fresh ideas and promises but i, like many other Yalies, only care about experience when i don't know either candidate personally."

    ^^and this person is probably one of the 80 percent of yalies who voted for obama. amazing.